A Total War Saga: TROY free to claim on Epic

Save the date… 2020-08-12T22:01:00Z


Talk about an early warning!


Colour me excited though!


Added a date and time for it to @Xiphan’s OP, but it’s not showing up on the calendar (I think the calendar only shows events that have a date added in the Topic title? @SIGSTART can you confirm?)

The game can also be Wishlisted on the Epic Store already. Not sure if doing that will send a reminder when it’s avaialble or not, like Steam does.


Does anyone know which timezone those 24 hours will start in?

I’m seeing 11 AM est on a reddit thread but there doesn’t seem to be full agreement.


I think its anytime between 6pm - 8pm that it is released if I am not mistaken that is the times they start the new stuff

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Like @czc says, Epic generally seems to do it’s things at our 5:00 PM (11 AM EST) - but that’s their stuff like launch of the weekly freebies and the start/end time of their sales. I don’t think developers are required to match that time for their game launches (hence the disagreement in that (and other) reddit thread).

I think it’s a lot like Steam stuff seems to happen at 7:00 PM for us (weekend specials start Thursday at 7, end Monday at 7, Summer Sale event starts at 7:00 PM, etc.) but developers/publishers still release games at whatever time they want.

In this case Creative Assembly are UK-based, so it could be a time that suits them so that they’re staffed to be able to deal with the 10s of thousands of “the site has crashed, I can’t get a code, it’s not fair” rants that will inevitably be happening on the day.