Amazon developing subscription game streaming service


Amazon is planning to use its massive cloud computing backbone to jump into the video game streaming market.

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So now the three major cloud server companies in the world all have joined the same race; to be the first to get proper game streaming working. It seems like each one will have something unique to bring to the table. Very interesting space to be in indeed.

If Amazon can incorporate this with Twitch somehow, seeing as they own that as well, will make for a massively compelling service.


The only issue I have with this idea is how are they going to work with latency issues for people not in the country that hosts the server


3rd world countries with inadequate internet connections aren’t normally high on their to-do list


I for one welcome our new Amazon overlords


The fortunate thing is that MS (Azure) and Amazon (AWS) will have some cloud services in South Africa “now-now” or “soon” (I can’t remember which is which) and hopefully this will extend to whatever they need to do this streaming services; Apart from that you can brace for it by getting fiber.


I suppose this will happen.

Already people are talking about how 5G will liberate many applications for the smartphone by allowing heavy computing to be done elsewhere.