Are the days of the LAN dead?


If you want to get that technical I would rather called it a WAN then :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s only a MAN if everyone sits in the same metro :smiley:


Yeah, but I was using the term so I could say “MAN party”


I went to my first ever LAN party in 2007, it was the greatest gaming experience Ive ever had to date.
Because of that I saved up and quickly bought a mid range PC and waited for the same group to plan a get together again. I had 2 more LANS with them and then the whole scene died instantly it seems.

The sense of teamwork was incredible and I laughed so hard those nights I actually had heapains :smiley:

Everyones wives and girlfriends were hanging out and some guys had a braai going outside.
It was a really cool time, sad to see that part of the gaming culture dissapear. Hopefully it will make a comeback someday.


Sometimes the best part of a LAN was reliving and laughing about certain moments in the last game we played in the coffee/drinks breaks between games.


We had a lan at someones house almost every weekend in school. There was a thing called MPLD (Monthly Pretoria Land Day), where the last weekend of the month a scouts halls was rented out, and ± 80 people pitched up with their pcs and just played random games. No official comps or anything like that. Not sleeping for 2 days, living off KFC and beer for the weekend. No gaming experience now gives you that sense of comradery. Miss it so much



We do lans every now and then, but we play random ass games


We do a LAN about once a year. But its always the same games, half of which I don’t have, and the only one I usually enjoy is Quake 4.


What happens with “LANS” like those these days, especially with the titles they are hosting they will most likely not be able to host their own games. So everyone will be playing online games on normal online lobbies as you would when sitting at home :frowning:


The internet killed it. No need for it with uncapped fast connections. Also with very modern games supporting it.
Used to be big in high school.