Assetto Corsa Racing League [MEWRL]

I’m not sure what to do here. I have the new version ready to install on my PC and the server, but haven’t done it yet.

I don’t really want to go update things the weekend before we race, I don’t want everyone scrambling to download and install updates on Monday.

What do you think?

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Agree with you - the fewer things that could screw it up the better. Especially now that Ekscum are playing games again. I don’t mind going back to whatever version is on the server to be safe - except I can’t find any older versions anywhere on my machine, and the Race Department downloads only has the current 0.9 version available for download.

What version number is on the server? Is it still the original 0.8.1 version? And are you (or anyone else) maybe able to dump the file onto a cloud storage somewhere for me to grab?

Server is on 0.8.3 Beta.

I’ll upload to Gdocs but it may take a while

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:+1: No rush. Will try run things on the Practice server later today anyway just out of curiosity. Hopefully I won’t even need to rollback.

Forgot I could just upload it directly from the server which is on fibre. Kyalami 0.8.3b
I’ve also just remembered that the restrictor is not in place on the practice server. I’ll get that sorted as well, I just don’t have plak to go edit .cfg files, server manager has ruined it for me, the GUI so much easier :smile:

Edit: restrictor in effect on MEW and MEW 2

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Thank goodness for fibre! Downloaded and stored. Will still check if I can practice with the 0.9 version. If I have any issues with it, I’ll remove that one and install this one.

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Don’t wait for me. Loadshedding won’t allow it.

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Anyone managed a 1:52 with Porsche and restrictor?

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So you’re the one that brought Stage 3 on us this weekend?



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:joy: :joy: :joy:
Ah damn, mine is without restrictor. Jy’s te vinnig vir my

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I’ll be happy with that as a quali time, I didn’t get many under 1:53

Your 1:52.720 was with 0% restrictor?

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I think Content Manager doesn’t filter based on settings for best lap, only matching the car and track. So yes, no restrictor

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I set a time with no restrictor as well, been trying to chase down my impossibly fast 1:52.2 in the nerfed Porsche
You definately see a difference in straight line speed and acceleration out of the corners.

Anyone manage a quick Audi lap?

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I never actually managed to even do my practice to see if the track version works, never mind to a quick lap. #thankseskom.

Mission Control, are we “Go” or “No Go” for tonight?

Range is clear, systems are nominal, we are go for launch sir.


Just some housekeeping stuff.

Let me know by 7:30 latest if you want to change your car, this will be your last opportunity to do so.
The Porsche is no longer OP since the 40% restrictor is in effect and will remain so for the rest of the season.

I’m rethinking how to handle the practice server leading up until the race. Server Manager has a setting that enables endless practice until the race goes live and I like how it works, less servers, less confusion, less hassle. You should be able to see a server with the name “MEW Racing League - Season 1 - Looping Practice” currently running. You will still have to leave and rejoin once the official 30 minute practice session starts.

If this is works for everyone, I’ll just remove the practice server, so we’ll have an official Championship server to practice on in between scheduled races, and another server to mess around on, Nordschliefe, drifting, shenanigans, etc.

Lastly, I’ll start pasting links to join the session here once the races goes live.

Lastly Lastly, anyone want to change skins? (I’m sure you can make out the names, just make like so with your eyes >_<)

See you guys at Kyalami!

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Just 3 Porsches… We should change this to the Audi league :smiley:
Getting pretty amped for this!

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LOLOL, best way to describe.
Also, all the Audi’s there, is that all the skin options? Soz lazy to check.