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TIL that in the 1980’s, people living in the borders of forests in India and Bangladesh were issued plastic face masks to wear on the back of their heads. Tiger attacks virtually stopped because the tigers thought people were looking at them when their backs were turned.


That’s very clever!


I would not want to be a volunteer to test that



TIL a WOW player by the name of Bradster ran 36 accounts on 11 PC simultaneously to raid the Alliance capital cities.


TIL that Christopher Columbus, when he heard that one of his men had sighted land in the Americas (earning a lifetime pension for it), claimed that he had seen it the day before but simply not bothered to mention it, and was given the pension instead.

Also, after watching the History Buffs video about Conquest of Paradise, Christopher Columbus was an absolute dick! Evil, lying, stupid and just one of the most terrible people to ever walk the face of the earth.


The heart of America



hahaha, the poor guy who was in charge of this project :

TIL that in an effort to make smoking “safer” one company decided to add a new, high-tech filter to their cigarettes. The filter was made out of asbestos. This decision did not end well.




TIL about the Potato Paradox.

You have 100 lb of potatoes, which are 99 percent water by weight. You let them dehydrate until they’re 98 percent water. How much do they weigh now? 50 lb.

100 lb of potatoes, 99% water (by weight), means that there’s 99 lb of water, and 1 lb of solids. It’s a 1:99 ratio.

If the water decreases to 98%, then the solids account for 2% of the weight. The 2:98 ratio reduces to 1:49. Since the solids still weigh 1 lb, the water must weigh 49 lb for a total of 50 lbs for the answer.


I was actually thinking of exactly this last night


That shit kept me up till like 1am on Sunday.


My brain is so broken right now, and I can assure you that if this was ever in an exam, I would have gotten it wrong.

I had to write out the math now and rethink it several times before my brain kind of decided that yes, it is indeed correct. Even so, I’m still doubting it. It just looks so wrong.


you have to keep in mind this is talking about purely mathematical potatoes. I am pretty sure if you use actual potatoes, it wont be the case.



Learned about this a while back thanks to vsauce.



Wow! That must have taken ages to put together.