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TIL The code from the Matrix is actually a sushi recipe the production designer, Simon Whiteley, scanned from one of his wife’s Japanese cookbooks.



Wow, this is damn brutal

TIL as part of pre-Columbian Aztec child sacrifices, children were required to cry so their tears would wet the earth to appease the Aztec deity; if they didn’t cry, priests would tear out their fingernails before the sacrifice to trigger crying


For @murfle


Hahaha, he’s got a 'stache!


A little too accurate for comfort…


That’s one way to get rid of the giant tree blocking your view…


Haha, this is so true.


TIL that, after the Norman Conquest of England, nobles referred to the meat they ate in French, but the peasants who raised animals for meat referred to them in Anglo-Saxon. This is why modern English has words such as beef and pork for meat, but cow and pig for the animals it comes from.


That is quite an interesting and enlightening little factoid.



Why youtube was really down today.


Oh I didnt know it was off


Didn’t know either but there where lots of people complaining so it must have been.


Here’s a direct link to the gif:

(Which is not showing on my end for some reason? So try this: )


The first space selfie was taken by Buzz Aldrin exactly 52 years ago today during the Gemini XII mission
from r/space)

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A man ahead of his time.

Imagine the moon landings happened today - it would be a live stream event!


TIL A Japanese rail company has apologised after a train left a station 25 seconds early. The operator said, “the great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable”



Not the first time i have seen stories like this, really love Japan.

Fun fact: if you go onto and tune into one of the radio stations in japan, one of them has english presenters


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