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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cant they do it here?

Oh wait its SOuth africa - it takes 5 years for 1 bridge to be fixed



Holy crap that is insane


Nasty crash in the WSSP300 this weekend. Luckily he is okay and out of hospital



Think I just jizzed ni my pants a little bit


All you guys constantly repairing damages on your cars.
This is how I imagine you guys


22 vs 51 O_o


TIL of Betsy Aardsma, a graduate student who was stabbed at the Penn State University library. Because the wound was so small and the fact that she was wearing a red dress, no one noticed that she was stabbed until after she died, and EMTs thought she was suffering a seizure. The case is unsolved.

Wow that is badluck!



LOL :laughing:


At first, before seeing the second post, I thought “I’ll bet he didn’t even put the code in yet…”, then “What a dumbass.”

Then my heart sank and I actually felt sorry for him.


OMF this was awesome!



This is absolutely NUTS!


Not the planet of the apes I imaged, but I guess this is the start of our end!


TIL Mackinac Island, MI is culturally preserved in time and has banned motorized vehicles for over 100 years; most travel by horse-drawn carriages and bikes.


Its an easy one but pretty cool though
Wheres Waldo?


Dude! did you see this


Waldo was easy to find, indeed.

The sheer number of references though, madness.

Also, here is an even higher res version if required: