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TIL that Poo-phoria occurs when your bowel movement stimulates the vagus nerve, which descends from the brain stem to the colon. It takes a particularly “large mass of stool” to trigger poo-phoria and its vagal-nerve-induced feelings of exhilaration, intense relaxation, and goose bumps.


Jirre… LOL


what are you googling to learn this?:thinking:


It is a Sub Reddit TIL (Today I Learned)


Hahaha you never had a lekker poop? = D


still… wow :roll_eyes:


Thread is for the best and also most random of my Reddit feed. If the TIL do not classify as random then I don’t know what does =D



TIL that Godzilla has official Japanese citizenship


TIL Pregnant women that frequently consumed diet beverages with artificial sweeteners were two times more likely to have babies who were overweight or obese at one year after birth. Also artificial sweeteners weaken the link in our brains between sweetness and calories which can lead to weight gain.








TIL that Mexico’s Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest monument ever constructed on earth, having nearly twice the volume of the Great Pyramid of Giza. A pre-classical masterpiece, it was found to be part of a vast complex of interwoven rooms and temples. Excavations are ongoing.



Grrrrr wow!




My eyes! Burn it with FIRE


You no like?? O_o