Brute Force Competition 2021

2021 is here and with that a new brute force competition! It will work similarly to last year but with I’ll clarify the prize winning rule.

Congrats to those who won last year!

The rules are:

  • You must either create a new topic each week or you must have at least 30 replies on other topics during the week.
  • For new topics, news topics are fine and for replies, it can be on any topics. It doesn’t even have to be unique topics.
  • You get 3 strikes. Miss a week and you get a strike. 3 strikes and you are out.
  • If you are going away on holiday please post in this thread at least a week before you go and when you’ll be going so that you won’t get any strikes.
  • A week starts on a Monday. You get until midnight on Sunday to create your threads or write your replies.

I am the organiser of this competition and my word is law. If I disqualify someone then my word counts. I won’t be unfair though. I mean the whole idea is to create discussion not have fights and things.

We need both participants and sponsors and yes you can be both. You don’t have to sponsor to participate. Please, if you struggle money wise then don’t sponsor. We know things are tough out there.

The competition starts on the 1st of February . All participants have to register before then. We will accept more sponsors during the year however. The competition ends on 29 November .

The winner is the person to last the longest without being knocked out.

If there is more than one person still in it at the end then:

  1. If the total prize money is less than R800: A random draw will decide the winner.
  2. If the total prize money is R800 or more: The prize money will be split between the participants.

Please post if you would like to participate or sponsor.

Participants - Strikes
@Beo - 0
@czc - 0
@DarthMol - 0
@GregRedd - 0
@Solitude - 0
@Wyvern - 0


@czc - R200
@DarthMol - R200
@GregRedd - R200
@Solitude - R200
@Wyvern - R200


People who competed/sponsored in the past:


Everyone’s welcome!


Thanks @Solitude, I would like to particpate this year. Will try again and endavour to see it through to the end.

In terms of sponsorship, I would love to commit now, but will provisionally see how it goes.


I’ll participate again. Always a pleasure to keep the activity up.

Will also sponsor R200


Ahh, why not. I probably post that much in most average weeks.

I’ll volunteer as a participant.

And I will also set aside 200 of my finest Randelas to add to the prize pool.


And count me in for R200


I’m in! Also put me down for R200 of my finest Wildtuin Dollar.


@Solitude I am happy to participate again. And must add that I’m glad you are going with the same format as last year, it was definitely the best system so far.

As for contribution I’ll call and go in for R200 :smile:


Nice to see that we have a big prize pool so far.

I hope more people join!

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We need more people you lazy bums.