Destiny 2 - Official Thread



I want this badly but these days my motionsickness makes me worried to buy anything


I see you can pick Destiny 2 up now through humble sub Humble sub for $12.

Is it worth it? Anyone here played/playing the game can say if it is a good buy?


Looks like Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer shooter. I don’t know if I would even play. Plus I remember reading many articles about Destiny 2 dying.


Got it free with my graphics card. It’s very pretty, but that’s literally the only thing I like about it.


I’ve clocked a few hours Destiny 2’s free trial and as a Warframe player, I enjoyed it. As a FPS with a normal system of locomotion it scratches a different itch, though.


I’m actually quite eager to just push the Humble sub through and start with Destiny 2. I also played the trial for about 2-3 hours and it reminded me a lot of Guild Wars 2, but in FPS mode.


Destiny is bae :heart_eyes:


It’s pretty awesome that Destiny is part of the Humble Bundle, but I don’t think my PC would be able to run the game.


Apparently it’s not all that heavy on resources. Give the trial a spin and see how it works for you?


Yeah no you should be fine. If @MalicE’s pc can run it, yours can.


on average I get about 60fps. only when I hit the large open spaces it dips between 30 and 40


I wanna get it on PC as well, but I’m not convinced yet. Have it on PS4, including expansion pass, but I deleted it a while ago due to me not playing it anymore and it becoming “Deadstiny”. I’ll see how the new expansion is received and make a decision.


anybody looking to get Destiny (which you should cause it’s superb on PC) on the humble monthly, use my my referral link



Wanna grab some wallet fees? Tried it 2 months ago and my referral never went through…

Continued from where I left the trial a couple of months ago and enjoyed it IMMENSELY tonight. Can’t believe I didn’t enjoy it the last time I played. 2 hours just got sucked up in what felt like minutes!


I just lost an entire night to Destiny… time for bed


My Destiny 2 is still downloading, so I’ll only get to try it tomorrow


so blaz we gonna jam some destiny tonight then? @MalicE create a new discord section there for the superior destiny players


I doubt it, I switched the download off this morning and I’ll start it up again tonight. So tomorrow (as in Friday) we can has a play.


goddamn you. But sweet. Friday might be better.


already have