Destiny 2 - Official Thread



jis maar is jy nie n ou staatmaker nie.



Jy gaan moet begin opvang


Ja bra. Maar ekt nog heel week fokken huise gaan view tot soos 8 uur toe, dan kom ek half 9 by die huis, dan kos maak, en dan is ek fucked. so dan gaan slaap ek. Ek hoop om vanaand n stukkie in te sit en dan hopelik die naweek verder op te vang. Die een aand toe ek wou jam toe vergeet ek my fokken laptop charger by die werk.

Out of Context

Actually enjoying Destiny 2, just started though, got my voidwalker. Good fun so far. Any Destiny 2 clans?


Just remembered I have Destiny 2 from the Humble Monthly bundle that I have no intention of using. Does anyone want it? It comes as a Blizzard key, so can’t do a Steam GA for it. Comes with a key for Destiny 2 Planet of Peace Exclusive Emblem as well.

If you’re interested in it, drop a comment in reply here. I’ll leave it available for a day and if there’s more than one name, I’ll then run them through a RNG.

MEW Giveaways

I want to play it so badly I am just worried bout the motion sickness


Would be amazing!


I suffer from a bit of motion sickness in FPSs these days, especially the Far Cry series. I’ve experienced no uncomfortable feelings in Destiny 2 whatsoever.



I am a little pissed off that the new expansion won’t include the previous ones and everything is required to play it. But I will start saving up for it. It looks epic.


Okay, so a coin toss in about 2 hours or so between @Wyvern and @Flex? If no-one else chirps up in time, Wyv will get Heads, Flex will be Tails.


Sorry, a little later than I planned…

Congrats @Wyvern, you won the coin toss:


Keys are about to appear in your MEW Inbox…


heheh enjoy @Wyvern you lucky fish! Hopefully the motion sickness won’t be too bad


Like I mentioned earlier, it isn’t. It really is a great game! I want to save up for the Expansion Pass and upcoming DLC though. Seems like this game can become expensive over time…


it does, but Bungie somehow makes it worth it.

I need to get all the DLC too. Think I’m going to start putting 10eur into my Battlenet wallet every month till September to help lighten the Forsaken price tag. Still waiting for a good price on the expansion pass…


That’s debatable, but I’m not gonna moan it about it more here. Let’s just leave it at some people think Bungie makes it worth it and others don’t agree at all.


you had no problem throwing your money at D1…


you are jsut mad cause you dont have money to buy everything. Look at what they did with 1. Taken king brought that game back from the dead. looks like forsaken is going to do the same. I have faith.


I bought D1 complete edition on a PSN sale. I paid like R429 for everything up to TTK. Also, I fucking enjoyed playing D1, a lot, D2 has not been nearly as fun thus far and I’m not willing to fork out another R700 on top of the expansion pass in the hope the new DLC might make it great again.

@Talentloos It’s not about not having the money right now. It’s about Activision and Bungie being greedy fucking bastards and always just wanting a little more money. I understand it’s a business and the goal is to make money but at the end of the day it is still a game and it should be fun. They have dropped the ball at every turn with D2 and they can’t seem to fix all the kak they have done wrong and now they want another R700 for a new expansion. They should make the DLC a free upgrade to try and make up for the shit fans had to put up with so far. I have no doubt it has the potential to make the game great but I am not willing to pay full price for an expansion after already buying a season pass (even though I only paid half of that pass).


yeah i hear you on that point. all im saying is that D1 was the same. and they managed to turn it around. so you have to keep the faith that they sorted it out now as well. I am pretty sure a month or two after forsaken launches you will get the same deals as we did with D1


Yeah but that is part of the problem dude. They only fixed the game once they got more of your money. That is bullshit business practice. Like I said, I have no doubt they can improve the game and make it what it should have been from the start but it shouldn’t cost us more money. They have enough money.

When Destiny 2 was announced a lot of people feared they are going to take the same path as D1 with regards to quality of the game and DLC and I thought there is no way that they would screw their loyal fanbase over after the success of D1 after TTK and onwards. I believed in Bungie and they fucked me. So I’ll wait. When it goes on PSN or PC sale once it has more expansions I’ll consider it again.