Destiny 2 - Official Thread



I really enjoyed the single player campaign of Destiny 2, great voice acting from quite a few great actors you see in series. Sadly it lasted all of 5 days and that was playing it for about 2 hours a day. Then you have the gear grind which is very empty of variety.

I am glad I only paid R150 for it.


For anyone still possibly interested, the PC expansion pass is on sale for $19.99 on the Humble store


I’m very interested! Been waiting for a special like that…


Bought last night. Had great fun with wayne and Geoff. If you are a monthly sub you get 10% extra off.


I paused my monthly sub this month. I’m not interested in any of the early unlocks and I already have a cargo ship load of games I’m never going to play. Between Destiny 2 (and now all the DLC) and the gold edition of The Division I’m sorted for the rest of the year…


So I ended up dropping $20 for the expansion pass. I guess it’s good value, considering how much time I’ll be putting into this game this year. All in all the game + expansions cost me a full $32, including some random games from the mo thly bundle. Not bad.


Just finished Curse of Osiris. I like the new faction rally system. IT makes it exciting and frustrating at the same time. Perfect.


Busy with it myself. Played about an hour tonight and have to start the mission on Io next.


Thanks for that. I will grab it.

I am really enjoying the game, more than I expected to be honest.

I did turn off anything and everything that can cause me motion sickness. Titan did get to me a fair bit, and I am playing a lot slower. Im about a level behind my brother. I also get about 75% less kills than him.


You should play Hunter then. You’ll get loads of precision kills!


Thx for the season pass note! Loving the game so far, Titan was fun, hunter next to 20 :smiley:


Starting downloading it again. Going to play with my friend who hasn’t played much of the game. I’ll probably roll a new hunter since he will most likely want the best class (obviously the Warlock) for himself.


I’m playing Hunter abd don’t have any issues with it. Granted, it’s my first Destiny experience… Currently at PL356.



So seeing as Destiny 2 is the next official GameClub game, it might be worth pushing this thread to the top as well. I’m currently collecting fragmented souls for the Horror Story auto rifle. Have about 40 odd so far, so I do 2 runs of the Haunted Forest each evening, doing a bounty or 2 while I’m at it. Hopefully I’ll make the 120 to buy the rifle before the festival ends…


I struggle to get really into this game for some reason


I’ll just buy it from Xur at some point


You’ll get into it during Game Club when you hear the laughter and joy from your fellow MEWingtons as they drive over you and shoot you and so forth. (At least that’s how it worked in previous games)


Sadly there won’t be any driving - the closest is riding a sparrow (a Star Wars-like speeder bike). The haunted forest that’s currently part of the Festival of the Lost is quite fun though… Everyone might catch the tail end of it before it ends on 7 November. You’d have to have finished the campaign by then to unlock the Tower though.


Necro time!

So, I finally dinged 650 last night. I had to grind for 6 HOURS to get a 650 leg armour drop. All my gear and weapons kept dropping at 650, but I was stuck with some 649 legs for what felt like an eternity. After a dry spell of exotics, I also got 3x exotic drops in as many hours - one of them being Merciless with its catalyst.