F1 2018



@Snowbeast I know you’re keen on this and may already have pre-ordered a physical copy. And that you have issues with internet connections and downloads, but not sure if you’ve noticed that F1 2018’s pricing is another of those weird “Steam feels sorry for 3rd World gamers” things.

It’s on Steam at the moment for just R329. I’m not 100% certain if it’s the Headline Edition that I see mentioned everywhere, but am assuming so based on the description text. Even if it’s not though and is only the base game with no pre-order bonuses, it’s still a damn sight cheaper than the R1000+ I see on the PS Store and (presumably - I couldn’t find it) the XBox Store. Also, a lot cheaper than the R700 - R790 for physical versions on Raru. And even more weirdly, significantly cheaper that the last 3 editions and only R20 more expensive than 2014 on Steam itself.


Thanks bud, my laptop will never run this :frowning: i am however contemplating just picking up a copy in the hope I get a gaming PC.

If its that cheap on steam, maybe just maybe I will find an xbone copy


2nd of the Developer Diary videos released yesterday, focused on changes to the R&D system. Don’t see the 1st clip - that looked at the impact that working with the media will have on your career - in the thread, so here it is as well:


My body is so ready for this game! I am super hyped and ready for the new F1 game. Now just to start thinking about which team will I start off my career.


And this one that was also posted yesterday. First one I’ve seen of actual Career Mode game play, on PS4.

Sadly @Snowbeast, I don’t see either Beast, Bruce or Snow in the list of audio names again, so you’ll probably still be “The Williams” again :expressionless: Don’t know what your surname is (most of the audio names are surnames) but you may be able to find something to suit - there’s both a “Grieg” and a “Red” in the list, so I’m sorted. Or choose one of them that is more nickname - I’m might use “Old Timer” myself :smiley:


Weirdly i think it was in 2012 that there WAS a marty or a motta or a mort, and then the 2014 one onwards didnt have it…something like that, it was there 1 year not there the next. bleak :frowning:


There is no way one of the names I use will be in that list. It never is. But it’s fine, I’ll just roleplay as one of the names on the list. I like to roleplay, it’s a fetisha fun activity I like to do.

Also ^5 from an Aarava fan as well. Love his MyDrive series.


How do they plan to sell the game in Australia then. Lol. Surname is Frost. Very much doubt it will be in there. :frowning_face:


There is an “Iceman” - a colder, tamer version of Snowbeast perhaps? :grinning:



I often get cold feet prior to getting something I have put a lot of time into reading up on and obsessing over.
F1 was falling into that catagory.
Was P1, P2, P3, Quali, Race next weekend.
A bit despondent and chatting to @Wyvern last night i decided to grind a bit. Found out I could up the difficulty mid season and went from 20 (this was my first foray back into racing so had a dismal start) to 50.
It changed the whole game for me. The biggest thing was the weather.
Dry and hot for P1 and P2. Engine was toast so only did one full lap in P3.
Quali with new engine and gearbox it was pouring with rain. Full wets.
Got P1 on my second lap, slid out on my in lap and then had to get the car back on track.
When I got into the pits the rain had slowed down a bit and tried to go out on the inters but no more time. Finished in P7. Rain 1 me 0.

Race day - SPA has a shitty T1 so hung back and lost a position but kept my car in tact, no attacking in S1 due to the tyres being cold and the rain was the worst I’ve raced in. was super slippery.
Worked my way up to P5 chasing Riccardo, team called for an alt strategy as the rain was clearing up. I accepted - and here’s where the race went downhill.
I can’t read the words on the screen due to eyesight and my glasses where in the office so I assumed I would be going onto inters. I didn’t check the bottom screen as I can at lease see colors, but I pitted and the idiots put full wets on.
I came out the pits in P8 as most people pitted that lap. The track dried up a lot in two laps and I was left searching for puddles to cool the tyres down (yes the game is tha in depth).
Manually called a pit and selected my tires. Pitted and came out P18.
On the verge of rage quitting I went balls deep and have never driven so aggressively in the game before. Best overtake was S2 dove in on the inside on 3 cars, got two on the inside and caught the third on the outside.
Ocon was a :ballot_box: since upping the difficulty he is really aggressive and is not scared to turn into you.
Ended up P4, RAI was 13secs ahead of me so a podium would not have happend.
Was the most fun race I have had in ages. Most fun ive had with my clothes on in years.

Sorry I know I ramble on here and there about F1 races, but this game is now sitting as the game I’ve been the most passionate about ever.
I wasnt really a gamer until I played F1 2017.

Long winded post, but F1 2018 get in my pocket!!


Loved your post @Snowbeast. I have very similar stories of the game. Close races, disasters and victories from nowhere. When you get the difficulty just right, the game transforms into something special.

I’ve retired the career for now until F1 2018. At the moment I’m still getting used to driving with the wheel and trying to get faster and faster without assist. So you could say I am in pre-season testing.


Thank you.

A wheel is not something I can sneak into the house lol. I want one badly.
I’m spending time working on the braking and using the controllers vibrations as a guide line.
Also started using flashbacks in the practices to get some apexes right.

I used these a bit F1 Car Setup but now just use the presets as I’m pressed for time to finish the season.


Find the balance between being fast and being quick. It doesn’t take a genius to be fast, however it takes an absolute wizard to be quick.


Pulled the trigger. Just Preordered F1 2018


Good man. I pre-ordered a while ago, and I see the pre-download is almost available. I hate it sometimes that the game get’s downloaded before it is available, because then it’s just mocking me for not being able to play it then and there.


I didn’t see the predownload date. I need to wait. Not finished f1 2017 yet. I’ll get it the following week as I’m in an outlying area.


So are you getting a physical copy or are you downloading, because the download is well north of 30GB?

Also I will be spending my time now still in pre-season testing. I’ve decided which team I will start out the career with, will just need to dial in the difficulty when the game comes out. But I am so stupidly excited for the game!!


Ja physical copy. A mate will update it for me if need be.

I’m toying with a midfield scrap or a drive in a red bull and go for gold. Midfield is more fun though.

As for training I’m working on tight hairpins. Even if you come to a dead halt you don’t get through you need momentum for traction.


Possibly get a f1 2018 times table going? I know I’m not very good but it motivates you to push?