F1 2018



Can absolutely do that! We can do time trails to push each other. I assume you are playing on Xbox right? As long as we are friends on Xbox then we should be able to see each others time in the time trails.

Also I will be picking Renault as my team of choice, trying to end as best-of-the-rest in the season.


I am, but rarely do online as it means I have to do another update. Hopefully soon we will have internet though.
The most demoralizing thing for me is to absolutely demolish a course and see you are 5 seconds a lap slower than the guys who post the carsetups on f1carsetups.com.


Sho!! Driving with all assist off in F1 games is not easy. I played around a bit with the settings and difficulty and with the car setup, and got my time down to just 4 seconds a lap slower than the lap record on Catalunya. I am really chuffed with that to be honest!! That means I am on the same pace as the real life Williams cars of this year!


Well done bud, I’m still with most assists on. Singapore I managed to get to get a 1.44.5 in quali last night. Lap record is 1.39.491 I did feel strong on that course, im still making silly mistakes and forgetting to feather the triggers.

Singapore last night was super fun.
Strugged in P1 in the wet, P2 I got a top 5 (that always means you came 5th lol) and P3 a P2.
Quali I had the best lap on my first lap out. I nailed most of the corners. Singapore is a balancing act between edging onto the curbs and actually hitting them. S1 curbs mostly need to be nicked or it kills your pace. The last corner was my downfall. Kept going very wide, but squeeked P1 from Lewis by 0.2s.

Raceday I could not accelerate with the same speed as Lewis, but defended well agains Bottas who started behind me. The first 3 corners Lewis and I where wheel to wheel and made a lot of contact with no damage.

From there I just hung onto Lewis’ pace, was the most intense race ive ever had before.
Made me realise how often I doze off lift off the pace.
The whole race, even after a pit I don’t recall overtaking 1 person.
Singapore was brutal, barely had time to cast my eye over the engine wear etc, just raced.


Haha i tried 2017 last night, did 2 laps until I lost my front wing and then perez took me out. I SUCK


it took me ages to get the feel of the car right.
Italy, Canada and Australia are pretty good tracks to learn on.
One thing I learned is if the racing line is green it doesnt mean full tilt, feather it until you get the hang of it.
Steering is very direct and twitchy.


Yea Im just terrible will take me at least a month to get into it again


Less than one week left. I took leave for this Friday and I’m planning of not moving away from my TV! I’ve put in all the pre-season practice I can. At the moment I had to bump up the difficulty of F1 2016 to Master to have competitive races. I cannot wait for the new game!! The pre-launch content from Youtubers have been really interesting to see also. Looks like the AI is extremely aggressive, and it seems the practice programs are harder to complete as well.


if my copy gets posted on Thursday I will only get it next week depending on PARGO and RARU.

I havent played f1 in over a week thatnks to Assasins creed, didnt finish F1 2017, but truth be told, it took me months to get the feel for it and often just did fun races.
So now F1 2018 I will be able to start off on a good foot.

Debating my Team selection


or race the big boys

Red Bull

Leaning towards STR as the midfield has more overtaking and actual racing.
Front of pack usually ends up with two drivers in the front and just a high pressured time trial.


I’d say go with Sauber. The Torro Rosso’s looks to have really bad engines and I’ve seen people struggle on high speed tracks.


I enjoyed Williams as their top speed was pretty decent in 2017, but Sauber sounds like a solid choice for f1 2018


I was on Pargo’s website and noticed this in the shipping

Delivery will normally take 2 to 5 days from the time the parcel has been dropped off. Delivery to and from some smaller regional areas might take a bit longer.

I might have an extra week to wait… Sugar Honey Ice Tea!


This is probably the most excited I’ve been for a game release in years!! The game is installed, leave has been booked, and I am ready to take the Renault team all the way to the top!!!


Go away, I’m going to start the process of f5 slamming this afternoon on PARGO.
What kills me is when I ordered it I didnt know I would be near a BT Games this weekend. I’ll prob only get my copy late next week.


Hahaha stop teasing the kids! (Take lots of photos and screenies)

The Formula 1 Thread

@DieGrootHammer wake up!!! Tell us what we missing bud lol



Well so far I’ve been driving the time trails and getting used to the new cars. Coming from 2016 it’s insane how much grip these monster have. I’ve just started my career as the 2nd driver for Renault with Sainz as my team mate.

The practice programs are okay, tire and track was easy. I’m struggling severely with the fuel management practice program though. It’s really tough. I’m not used to it so I have to change my driving style somewhat.

But the game is amazing. I did a lap in the Brawn GP car. That thing is a beast!!


Holy shitballs, my first race in the career is full wet. Qualifying went very well. Got hooked up with the car and got into P6 with the Renault.


I’m so super excited. Mainly for the career mode additions. Australia is one of my better circuits and China’s hairpin my worst corner.

One feature I wish it had was an all time pap record like mx vs atv