F1 2018



Well, so I spent almost the entire weekend playing F1 2018. I completed the first 6 races of the season, and wow, what fun it was!!

The Renault is really a nice car to drive, despite the engine sucking. I’ve been focusing on engine upgrades, and am waiting for my first major upgrade on the engine power to come through.

But the racing has been fierce and fast!! I’ve gotten some great results. For some reason some of the top cars in my season have not been performing at all. Lewis is leading the championship with almost double the points of Kimi in second. Vettel had 3 races finishing outside the points, Verstappen had 2 DNF’s and 2 bottom 5 finishes, and Bottas has been very up and down. This left the door wide open for us mid fielders to get some great results. I haven’t gotten a podium yet, but I’ve gotten 4th twice now.

At the moment me, Alonso, Perez and Grojean are in a heavy battle, and each race we have many side-by-side moments.

Overall at this point I absolutely love the game!


I’ve been refreshing PARGO’s tracking page all weekend.
I’ve heard the FFB is really reworked, you can feel when the car bottoms out.

What difficulty are you on? I’m considering starting at 50 and working up?
Want a real feel.

Loving your updates, keep em coming


Hahaha so lank jy dit geniet!


Yes the FFB is different from the previous games, plus some curbs are absolute muder death traps. But it feels very planted and great feedback. Don’t know of the normal controller though, have only played with the wheel.

I’m currently on 85 difficulty. But I feel like I’ll need to bump it up to 90 before the end of the season. At the moment 85 is a good difficulty for me, nice and competitive, but it’s getting a bit easy on some of the tracks I’m good at.


i noticed the last update in f1 2017 added death curbs, was too easy to just smash through them, now the whole car jerks.

What assists do you have on?
I took them all off, but dont have the finesse for full traction control off so playing with traction control and brake assist on half


Currently running with no assist except the braking line. Still struggling finding the right braking zones on the car and learning the tracks. But I should be able to switch that off by the end of the season as well, hopefully. Then I am driving with absolutely no assists.


Only managed to get a little bit of time in on the weekend with it. Spent most of it figuring out the controls - there’s too much to do and not enough buttons! Think I’m going to stick with auto ERS for a while - ERS practice was the only practice task I just couldn’t master. Other than that, I think I’ll be spending a lot of the little spare time I have at the moment in the game - a lot of fun!

Picked Sauber with Leclerc as my teammate. Ran through just the first race of my career with one-shot quali, 5 lap race distance due to time issues, and low AI settings so that I could get a feel for things. Am hoping those settings can be changed mid-season so that I can do a decent race length next time, probably 25% and up the difficulty each race.

Grabbed a screenie for prosperity:


Good stuff!! Yes you can change the settings mid season, but only once moving to the next race weekend. During that loading screen you can then change the weekend settings as well as the difficulty. Assists can be changed at any time during a race weekend.


And last night I got my first podium finish!!! Ended up in 3rd at the Canadian GP! Those last few laps were absolutely nerve wracking.

I made a super pass on Danny Ric in turn 2 going on the outside. He struggled to get traction being a bit off line in the exit, and I managed to pass him. Later on in the race there was a safety car for a crash, and I ended up dive bombing 3 cars into the last chicane to get into 3rd. Luckily for me both Bottas and Danny Ric ended up fighting each other so much for 4th that I could easily put distance between me and them.

But what a race!! After the disaster I had at Monaco coming in 11th, this was just truly amazing.


how are the curbs in Canada?
last chicane/ wall of champions is nerve wrecking when you are defending and are on the limit.
Turn 10 took me 5-10 laps to master.

I’m so super excited for this game, im no master at racing games, but absolutely love them.

Like forza challenge we should do some sort of time challenge. I’ll have to post pics of my times though.


Don’t know about Canada - haven’t got there yet - but the curb on the inside of the hairpin in Bahrain (T10 I think) is a right bitch! Kept clipping it a little to tightly and launching myself into a slide across to the other side of the track. Thank goodness for the wide run-off areas…

Managed to grab 2 nice pics from under the Bahrain lights:


F1 installed. Wife will be back at 10pm so it’s down to bath and bed for the kids then we get going.


So last night I had a fantastic GP. It was the French GP. The practice programs went very well, and I quickly got used to the track. The track is actually really nice to drive. Nice and flowing track. By the end of the race weekend I properly fell in love with the track. I was also blistering fast on it.

So this was also the first weekend we received our first major engin upgrade. In the nick of time as well, as the French GP is really fast with a few long straights and high speeds.

I went for the alternative strategy by qualifying on the super soft tires in Q2 in stead of the ultras. Was a great call, as in the race it meant I could do a normal easy 2 stop, while all the rest of the top teams were doing a 3 stop strategy.

Well it worked off extremely well. I survived the first corner carnage that saw both Vettel and Hamilton spinning off track and Danny Ric losing a piece of wing. And after the first pit stops I was in the lead. I kept that lead until the end, and won my very first race for the Renault team, on their home GP!!

Was a stunner of a race


Honest review after the Aus GP.

The game feels more polished, graphics are better, but not significantly as I dont have a 4k setup.

For me the biggest thing is getting used to F1 2018, I am so used to the control panels in 2017, so I take a bit longer to find what I am looking for.

The cars handle very differently, I found the Sauber a bit sticky/heavy in lower speed corners and twitchy on the faster stuff. Not a bad thing, was actually fun learning to drive a new car.

The AI seems to be a touch glitched. Started on 50 difficulty and in FP1,2 I sat in 12-15th and FP3 was 2nd fastest as I did my Quali Sim program. 1.29.7 which is about 4seconds slower on the same track as I was in 2017. Thats a Lance Stroll to rest of pack gap!.. Thinking I had the difficulty right I then qualified P10 and after a daring two dives down the inside I ended up in 6th position after lap 2. Pitted first and after everybody pitted I was 5th, getting the jump on Max as he came out the pit lane. Danny Ricc retired and I sat in 4th, 11seconds behind bottas and spent 8 laps or so with a train on my backside, i was obviously holding them up.

The tyre wear was not so bad on the second set in the closing 3 laps compared to f1 2017, engine wear bug is finally fixed.

One thing I want to change on the settings is the quali, it was a one shot, I want at least one session.

With under 2 hours of gameplay I am enjoying the upgraded version of f1.

Never been a racing game fan until f1 2017 so I am going to use the first season as I did in f1 2017 to work on form. By the time Internet rolls into the valley I want to be able to not embarrass myself on multiplayer.

@DieGrootHammer, on the difficulty you are playing on, that is insane bud! should get many more wins under your belt soon.
I spent 1500 points so far, 500 on general reliability and 1000 on a front wing upgrade. If 2018 does not show the same wear model as 2017 then hopefully I can spend on performance as opposed to durability.

sorry if the above seems mish mashed and a buch of thoughts thrown up. Kids disnt sleep well last night


I’ve never been a huge fan of F1 games but you guys certainly make it sound good


I just wanna go sit on Hammer’s couch and watch him race


Why can’t I find MEW’s “taken out of context” thread :open_mouth:


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So I am bumping up the difficulty much earlier than I expected. Last night was the Austrian GP in my first season career. The Spielberg circuit is not my favourite and I’ve always struggled with the first and third corner, losing lots of time. Yet last night I realised that I am getting really quick and hooked up with the car, and for the Austrian GP weekend I was absolutely dominating. I ended up in pole position after Q3, and lead the race from start to finish. Was actually really boring.

So for the next weekend I am bumping up the difficulty to 93 from 85 and will see how things go.


Geez bud, i’m only considering going to 60…

The first corner in 2017 I came from the left of the start finish straight and apexed it keeping the car in the centre of the track drifting right slightly for turn two. Turn 3 I hated, it needs to be apexed but you have to keep on the gas a touch for traction and some speed straight into the drs zone.
I really struggle with corners like that