F1 2021 - EA/Codemasters’ F1 Games

Codemasters has set the date, picking the weekend of the Belgain Grand Prix (aka Spa-Francorchamps circuit), for when the newest in the series will be available for all platforms.

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Mmmmmm. Eh?

What is unclear?

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I think he wants to race you.

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More like, should I, shouldn’t I :grin:

Beats me, most of the F1 games are the same as the previous year except for slightly updated graphics and the current livery and drivers of that season…


I’m already stashing cash to pre order as Dakar 18 is possibly being released August or september

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This is pretty much the issue with any sports games. There is only so much they can realistically innovate and add to the game. Iterations of sports games are more evolutionary than revolutionary. And to fans of the sport that’s fine. I’m looking forward to the game because you get to drive with the 2018 cars and the new down force profiles and tire degradation, the new and updated driver stats and team components. Also as a fan of the sport, it kinda sucks to be playing a game with outdated team compositions and cars. This would frustrate normal gamers that are not fans of the sport, but to the enthusiast, it’s crucial changes we cannot wait for.


My 2018 wishlist:

Parts don’t wear so quickly.
I had to replace my whole engine in Russia - realism yes, i do rev the engine, but some of us are not 100% sim racers, we are everyday plebs.

If they dont address the wear, at least make upgrade points easier to obtain.

Practice session missions
Don’t put the reliability of the upgrades on the practice session missions. Do the missions, but then have a reward like better race strategy etc - maybe cash for wins or points that can be used for upgrades.

Better communication with Jeff
with an xbone, without kinect you cant talk to jeff the engineer so you have to scroll through size 10 font to get what you need from him. You can only do this on the strights. Starting off in career mode I am using Williams and this often leads to defending on the straights and trying to get race information.

Learn my name dammit!
I’m refereed to “the Williams” - and the rest by name

I’m not to worried about graphics as I think my TV is maxed out already.

I also think releasing a 2018 game end of season is a bit of a kak thing to do. Bring it to May/June


All I want is a decent career mode as in start in a back marker team and go though a couple of seasons to ultimately join one of the big teams. But I agree with @Snowbeast wear issues should be addressed (maybe just toned down a tad)

Well… There is a reason I prefer F1 2013 and F1 2017 (I own both Xbox versions) simply because they included historic F1 cars and tracks. I also enjoy tweaking and fiddling with car setups and it’s been hit and miss with the Codemasters F1 tittles regarding that. However F1 2017 was probably the better one of the lot.

At the end of the day I just want a really challenging F1 title that feels rewarding to play


I chose to start off as Torro Rosso, but used the flashback option to aid my winning. Didn’t feel right, so I restarted at Williams and am not using the flashback at all.
For the amount of time I have spent tweaking setups (admittedly in time trial mode due to engine wear) I would actually prefer a bi annual game with a end of year paid DLC.
So buy F1 2017 - end of season going into 2018, buy an update with 2018 cars, tracks, rule changes etc.
I guess they chasing profits etc.
I know it is a big add, but an off season test session would be cool.

Unfortunately, while all these ideas would be fantastic, Codemaster and the F1 themselves are pushing esports really hard onto the game, so most of the effort will most likely be seen in the multiplayer aspect of the game.


if it goes the call of duty way I will change to another genre. Single player is important to me

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I totally agree with you. I would rather want to see an expansive campaign editor where you get to dictate rules and craft your own season, or even season after season, bringing in more and more rules of your own. That would be amazing for me. But at the moment there is bigger money for Codemasters in esports, and especially F1 has seen a huge growth in esport leagues.

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They dont force multiplayer - that is what I love, ironically they do have a stunning setup for the esports and I love that they are pushing it more and more and the guys racing in these actually stand chances to win a spot to work for a proper F1 team in the long run. It was done last year by Mclaren, they signed the winner to their simulator team

This year all the teams except Ferrari is participating in it. I love that the Codemaster’s game has pushed the boundaries that much that it has opened a spot in a real F1 team.


I got a instagram replies from Brendon Leigh the guy who won last year. Really lekker chap. I like that, he’s not like a the Dota or CS:GO guys


Please take my money!!!
All I need is a race suit and my wife on a ladder holding a sprinkler


First gameplay footage released today:


Full article here:


Dude watch it with subtitles/closed captioning - makes the video