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Couldn’t they have the three standing side-by-side? Looks like they are skimping on the designer budgets and just getting someone to crop three images and then stitch them together. Those different backgrounds and clearly cut hoomans are just distracting.


Again, I will be about 6-10 months behind the curve here. I cannot keep spending R1000 each year. It will end up costing more than iRacing!


I know, it’s ridiculous. I sure hope it’s just a temporary thing that they threw together for the social media posts. Even so, five minutes with Photoshop and I could produce a better cover, even if it was just for a social media post.

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I’ll keep putting that R1000 cost plus another R200 to my annual EA Plus subscription so that Kid Redd can keep hanging out with her Sims and I can get to play Star Wars Jedi (once they fix it) and F1 23 when it releases. If it wasn’t for that though, I’d be right there with you on waiting for the end-of-season sale to happen.


A sharp Redditor managed to grab a screenshot of the updated About section for the game from the Steam page, before it was taken down - presumably because it was revealed too early.

If it’s accurate (and things work! not holding my breath):

  • the new circuit (Las Vegas) and the newish one (Qatar) are both in game from the start.
  • the Braking Point story mode is back (we figured that much with the Konnesport and Devon Butler tease from last week.)
  • Red Flags are in!
  • There’s a new 35% race distance option, which sounds ideal actually - 25% is too short, 50% is too long. 35% is Sprint Race length, so you could potentially do a full season of Sprint Races.
  • there’s “expanded cross-platform multiplayer” - not entirely sure what that entails though
  • F1 World returns. Just in time, I need a new couch for my fictional supervillain hideout supercar garage.

Be the last to brake in EA SPORTS™ F1® 23 coming to PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on June 16, 2023.

F1® 23 delivers a new chapter in the thrilling “Braking Point” story mode, dramatic wheel-to-wheel racing at new Las Vegas and Qatar circuits, fresh rewards to earn in F1® World, updated 2023 cars with the official F1® driver lineup, and more!

Pre-order the F1® 23 Champions Edition now to get 3 days early access and exclusive content: F1® 23 - Pre Order


Release date: June 16, 2023 6:00 AM GMT+02:00

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Gameplay features “deep dive” coming tomorrow, probably:

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Here’s the Part 1 Deep Dive, looking at game features:

Glad to hear that the Portimao, Shanghai, and Paul Ricard circuits are being kept in. And to be fair, the Vegas and Qatar circuits look really good. The improved controller handling will have some up in arms about the game going all arcade and console only, but I’m okay with it. (I can’t say how I know but the controller handling really is very good). Red flags look like a solid addition too - if they work reliably!

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Deep Dive #2: The Braking Point story mode is back. F1 World creates a variety of solo and multiplayer events and challenges.

Sky Sports F1® presenter Natalie Pinkham returns for another Deep Dive into F1® 23. Find out more about the next chapter of the thrilling Braking Point story mode. Plus, details on new feature F1® World that’s set to reinvent how you enjoy F1®. Earn rewards, upgrade your car, and take on the world in a revamped ranked multiplayer ladder.

I’m still not convinced they’re using the term “deep dive” properly… these are more like a “shallow paddle”.


First look at F1 23 gameplay and the new Las Vegas Strip circuit.

And no, Maldonado is not back on the F1 grid - the devs just used his name as the 2nd My Team driver for the clip.


Lando does a short race around the Las Vegas circuit on his streaming rig. Doesn’t do so great for his first time. I don’t feel so bad about being so kak. :smiley:

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Pre-load is now available for all pre-order players (if this is you, :roll_eyes:) and EA Play subscribers.

Deluxe Edition pre-order players (double :roll_eyes:) and EA Play Pro subscribers get Early Access from next Tuesday, 13 June from 6:00. Normies wait until Friday, 16 June.

Game release versions of all of the official cars have also been revealed:

Obviously going to need so patch changes to the Merc, and some updated sponsor logos in places too. Also, there’s something weird going on with some of the colours in these shots. The Ferrari is obvious. One or two others look off too. Could just be a combination of the angle and light used in the shots.