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The MX5 has so much lift-off oversteer.

Its making me sad


Do not break when turning in you, tap the break a bit before you turn in on the fast corners


Lief jou nogsteeds neh



Also, you’re 100% right. I was much more calm and in the zone when I’m not chasing a ghost, or when I’m chasing @Deadlypinecone, ghost and can beat it with one lap (:yum: I kid of course).

So I’m going to be ding the rest of the challenge without the ghost car. Also my current time which is a very low 1:03 I really feel I can do better on. I’m still making some minor mistakes in the Mazda. I tried the Nissan Sylvia, and while the car is planted and easy to drive, it has massive understear which is just ruining the laps on those last two corners.


I got you, fam. :sunglasses:


Also, I actually like this track a lot. It’s a really fun track. It has some technical parts, like the first 3 corners, then that weird chicane you can almost cut completely if your entry is good. The those last two corners are so tempting to take flat. I found that I have to break for the second last corner, but for the last corner I can just lift-off and coast around. I end up with at least 9 mph more than breaking for it.


Driver fixation is a horrible thing in any kind of racing, being on games or real life!

I enjoyed the Sylvia Lots, very planted and not as fidgety as the Mazdas. BUT it struggles to go as tight around the corner as the Mazdas


The guys that are faster than me pull away from me there the whole time!

I try to just lift off on both of the last corners and cut the apex really tight


That is really an awesome time though. Very close! I want to get Sub 1 minute so bad, but to find another odd 1.5 seconds is going to be tough


The Sylvia sounds like a car I need to try. Which one are you referring to exactly? The S15?


Yeah I think so. Sylvia 2000(year model) I think. Can’t remember now. I have another Forza edition of the Sylvia which looks sick, but setup for drifting


I tried the second Nissan in the list, just under the 350z. I think that’s the Sylvia S15, not sure. It’s the perfect car I think to get to know the track and find the breaking lines with, before going back to the Mazda. That Mazda just has more grip for the corners but it’s a difficult beast to tame.

Also did I see @flex actually using traction control?


I used Stability control on one of the older MX5.
But I find 05 MX5 to be the best. Fastest lap I set last night was with the 05 with no assist on


I haven’t had the time to set a time yet, hopefully over the long weekend.


Challenges are on for 2 weeks. So no rush man


@Dragonic dam dude you put in a good time. Took me some effort to just pip you


Darn it, so you came here just to say you pipped me XD
I’ll have to really put in a solid run now.


So how is everyone going with the challenge?

Last time I checked I was only about half a second behind @Flex with a 1:02:5


I managed to better my time a LITTLE bit, think 1:01.2 or something. But not sure where I can get more time. I am struggling! But the times are MUCH closer than the other challenges. Well done all!


Who still needs to get a lap in?
I think I am done with this one,… before I throw my controller out the window!