Forza 7- Race Club



That’s how I feel after my hour long session tonight. Could not for the life of me beat @Deadlypinecone’s time. I keep beating it different sections but cannot bring it all together in a all in one lap. Argh!


I see the previous challenge is working again. Here are the times for both the challenges


Who would like to choose a new challenge?


Was hoping to get a chance to try improve my time a bit, but it didn’t happen. Okay with getting under the 1:05 target that I set myself. Have updated the results tables with the times, and here’s the Championship Standings after 3 Rounds:


I have added a “Gap” to fastest time to the results sheets so that we can see just how alien @Flex really is.

I see @kanlaaikto on my friends results posted a very competitive time on Friday. Could be pure coincidence, but it would be good to have another decent racer in the mix to challenge the Flexmeister! @kanlaaikto if you are around, please let us know if you’d like to join the Race Club and I’ll add your time to the results?


@Deadlypinecone perhaps you want to pick the next challenge?


Ok great I will take a look at the options


Hey everyone! Sorry for not doing an Intro yet, signed up a while back, and time disappeared on me :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have a few of you guys on my Friends list from the FM6 challenges on
I’m keen to get in on the action again! Shot!


Awesome man! Go an join the Most Epic Win Club on Xbox, then we can all add you as a friend


no more podium finishes for me then :grinning:


lulz, yea lets see about that. Been playing GT-S too much.

I tried to find the group VIA the web, but I think (unless I’m being n00b) that it needs to be done on the console. will check tonight!


Sommer sent you an invite. Should make it a bit easier


or use the Xbox app on a win10 pc


Ok so I looked at the challenges and I have chosen the Porsche 911 GT2 spec challenge at Prague


I.E. cobblestone understeer FTW :smiley:
nice challenge tho! keen!


Sweet. Anyone have any objections to including Kanlaaikto’s time for the Lime Drive challenge to the results? It was set in the time period allowed, but he wasn’t technically part of things then. I’m happy to have it count.


Sure, why not? :slight_smile:


What was it btw?


Sweet choice. Do these Challenges ever change? Or get added too? Have they been the same since launch?


I think the Spec and division ones remain the same. From what I can see. But like the ForzaRC and those change quite often (monthly) I think.


Updated Standings: