Forza 7- Race Club



Done! I’m in the club meow!

YAY! kan haz points! Shot okes!


There is just 1 rule.

You are not allowed to pass The Flex!


hmmm, I shall try :stuck_out_tongue: <— ambiguous AF. lol.


Lol I remember when I first got the game how difficult it was to take corners with this car. Let the games begin.
Also, I should totally finish this game, I am leveling up with the challenges alone XD


The AI in this game make me too angry! The just ram into a person, even on the most difficult setting. So I am also taking ages to finish the game


Oh shit, there is someone else that was faster than I was? @kanlaaikto, you are now on my shit list, and I HAVE to beat you now (on the track, obviously). Also, this is great that there is a ghost I can chase that is just a little bit faster than I am. Like @Deadlypinecone and @Dragonic have a battle, so shal me and @kanlaaikto have an epic battle. And @Flex will just smile at us from the lead.


Going to try and put in some serious track time tonight


And I’ll just use binoculars to watch you all from the back! :grinning:


Thank God. I thought my profile was stuck on non-homologated. And somehow the times weren’t counting… But I see times coming in now :grin:


Welcome @kanlaaikto!


Ok WTF am I doing wrong? My times are permantly unclean.
EDIT: ok, fixed, somehow…



Only put about 15 minutes track time in last night. Making waayyyy too many mistakes!


This is an extremely difficult track and car. That damn Porsche just doesn’t like going around corners, and that first complex is just hell. I had to turn on Stability control to make the car somewhat manageable. At least I got a sub 1 minute time, currently at 59.1. Also, when I stopped I was in front of the Stig himself, @Flex, and I have the screenshot to prove it.


I see that @Flex is down to third :scream:


Save, print ,frame and place it on your wall… =D
Will not be for long




haha, the GT2 really is a moody cow. The slightest bit of over-correction and it goes full Tokyo Drift DK, which means the rear smacks barriers lol. hats off to Mnr Hammer, you’ve found a better balance of all out speed and precision than I have :smiley:… so far lol.

[EDIT]Thanks @Entity![/EDIT]


I managed to set a half decent time of 01:01:616 or something like that, it what was quite the frustrating session, more due to my unclean starts. But that’s fine for now until @Deadlypinecone overtakes me.


Looks like Stability control is going to have to come on for this one! =D


@Dragonic I got a scrappy 1:01.003.