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Why do I feel that my time is the slowest now? Can’t even remember what it was


Sometimes I don’t like you… I don’t really know you. But something just gives me this feeling. Don’t pay attention to the fact that I just liked your post :stuck_out_tongue:


No ways, you had like a 59s something… i think?


Hate this game! Going to pull a @Solitude and sell the game!


:rofl::rofl: You’re not alone, I was about to create a modern art piece comprising a Bravia and an Xbox controller last night.
But the time I posted last night, was one of those laps where everything unexpectedly came together!

P.S. on the long double left hander, stay in 4th and use the torque. I was losing at least a second by dropping to 3rd and understeering my way round LOL!


I struggle with the last chicane ! And then hitting a corner makes the next lap invalid, pissing me off and pushing harder. then the same things happens again. 50 laps later and only 5 laps valid.

I do hate tracks like this though. If I wanted to race on the road i’d play Horizon :stuck_out_tongue:
But I will get it though, come hell or high water


My inner troll is well amused


the absolute worst is on entry to the chicane the car lands off centre, you try correct, and WHAM into the barrier on the left, blood, guts, puss, the lot…

On this challenge alone I’ve done so many laps my CR has doubled :rofl:

@Deadlypinecone, finds middle finger emoji


It is good to have some quicker guys and @DieGrootHammer managed to pull his finger out of his ass and get properly quick!


It was inevitable that at some stage I’m going to put a lap together that everything just clicks. I tried my best yesterday but I couldn’t come close to my first time. I’m getting more consistent low 1:00 high 59 second laps, but nothing close to my first time.


So are you admitting that you cheated then?


I cheated in the same way you cheated the previous challenges.


Touche! If I do 1000 more laps, at least 1 will have to be a quick clean lap.


The laws of statistics are on your side indeed. That then means I need to also put in many more laps to try and keep you behind me.


hehe, what did Gary Player say about luck again? :yum::laughing:, I swear the last few corners of the track have grippy sections and not so grippy sections. If you can hug the left off the cobblestone bridge, and hold that line into the right hander, you only need to dab the brakes again on the right hander into the chicane. I found being half a meter away from the wall on that entry point meant no speed at all through that complex…

Also, I’m not 100% sure if its the right thing to do, but on the final turn I tried to get the nose aimed as close to the apex of the home straight as possible before opening it up, even if it meant crawling around that left hander.


Jis tonight the stars aligned and I was on fire on the track. Dipped into the 58 second mark a few times. Many of those were dirty laps, but I managed to get one quick lap in.


I am just liking that so that I do not seem rude


@DieGrootHammer and @kanlaaikto you guys put in serious times and might have bested me.
I know exactly what to do to beat you guys, but the car just does not want to work with me!

Some more pics:

Previous challenge

@kanlaaikto doing his thing

and slow ol me


@kanlaaikto doesn’t want to be my friend on Xbox even though I asked to be one :sob:

So what was his time? Do I have to do more runs and try to beat him now as well?


He is leading at the moment yeah. you second, and myself third