Forza 7- Race Club



Nope, that won’t do at all!!! I must be faster!!!


What did you do to yourself between now and last week?


I have beaten you, and now I am motivated to win the thing. Also I drank this weird thing someone at work gave me. Made my vision go all blurry for a week, but I started seeing better driving lines, so that helped.


Nice :smiley: I swear there’s another 500ms to 1s in the car (with ABS off) but I can’t get it to not lock up consistently, so I’m braking at the points I would brake with ABS on anyways!

@DieGrootHammer, sorry man. I really suck at xd00s, I’m even confused by the whole club thing, thought by being in there it would just work :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll add you tonight!


@DieGrootHammer you sure I’m not on there? I still have you from days…

[EDIT] To the other guys with different names on here than their M$ accounts, please add me lol. I’m not sure who’s who. [/EDIT]


Managed to get few laps in 58.00s , but still sitting tight in 3rd. Will give it a few more runs during this week before I concede!


I’ve given up on the run. I’m struggling getting back into the sub 59 again, and I’m getting frustrated trying to chase a time I’ll probably never reach.


Well You probably never thought you would reach 59s never mind 58s! So keep trying. Would like to see if you can keep it up for the next challenge as well!


Yea perhaps I’ll give it another bash later on the week. But at the moment I’m just trying to push myself further than I can. But hopefully I’m competitive in the next challenge.


I tried a “few” laps with ABS off, and I can’t get into the 58s.
Bloody Beetle, and Eastern Europe… haha, @Deadlypinecone :fu:


I have not tried again for quite a few days. Think I will put a few laps in again tonight!
What did @Deadlypinecone do??


I am innocent of all allegations


He knows what he did :stuck_out_tongue: bloody Prague Challenge, let’s say I’m looking forward to the next one :smiley:


Been a while since I did a run again. I’ll see if I can get in some laps tonight. I’m probably dead last by now.


No time = no time. Will make a plan to at least try put in a clean lap. I’ve got until Sunday night, right?


Yebo that is right


It’s that stupid last corner.


Nope, screw this challenge, I’m done. Not good for my health. @Deadlypinecone, you win ok.


I’ll be getting my copy today. Dont have wifi so will be using this thread as a benchmark


HAHAha I feel the same way!!

Welldone guys! This was a tough one indeed!

@Dragonic , you want to choose the next challenge?