Forza 7- Race Club



Seems like a quiet two weeks ey? I’ve increased my time by 1 second. But was mainly just testing out the other cars and tested ABS On again, feels weird now that I’m used to ABS Off.


I am swamped an will be MIA for quite some time </3


I’ve tried a number of extra laps, and I’m so close to my first quick lap time. But that first corner is just way too tricky for me. That and that last chicane, man I can’t get the right line there



I’ve been bad with this lately. Gonna try catch up tonight


Because so few people have done laps, you’re my next rival. And all I see is a yellow Ferrari getting further and further away from me XD


I found out I need internet to join you guys :slightly_frowning_face: I’m just plugging away, havent unlocked anything special apart from the Audi that comes early in the game


Even meee I’m back, been AWOL enough now lol.
Last Monday I tried plugging away with the Noble knowing it has some serious top end, but wow this 488 is a monster! decided to rage quit work over lunch and do a few laps lol. I THINK I’m on1:53:8xx, like milliseconds ahead of Mnr Hammer.


NOPE!!! This won’t do AT ALL!!! I must be faster!!!

But yes, that 488 is an absolute beast. Funny enough, most of the top times are run by the Corvette, which is mind boggling to me. I cannot be quick in that car. But the 488, now that handles like a dream


hehe, do want MOAR speed :smiley:

I’m keen to try the 'Vette now that you say that haha, pretty certain It’ll be tough.
the only thing with the 488 is the apexes on the chicanes bump it around a lot. I’m wondering if the 'Vette has that 'MMMerica suspension that allows a bit of apex hopping haha!


Sheesh… just an FYI… the yank-tank is MIGHTY!
I can highly recommend trying to tame it!


Also had a little bang around for a bit last night in a few cars. Still need a clean time, aiming for sub 2 minutes this time round. That 1st chicane screws me over every time.


Can confirm. I was just ahead of Mnr Hammer until I buggered up the last chicane.


Yeah same here. Also since everyone seems to be enjoying the 488, guess I’ll have to give it a stab.


A quiet fortnight on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza for the MEW Forza Championships with only 6 times on my list (unless someone unfriended me, in which case you screwed yourself out of points! :slight_smile: ).

Congrats to @kanlaaikto for taking P1 for the second Round in a row, and for moving into P4 Overall after just 3 Rounds. Also, with @Flex having a DNS this Round, we have a new Championship Leader in @DieGrootHammer!

Here’s the times I used:

And the Championship Standings after Round 5:


The MEW Forza Race Club League Tables have been updated as well.


Yeah sorry Guys. I will be out for a little while!!

@kanlaaikto Pick you poison and set the challenge for the next 2 weeks


I sucked, I fear that I’m actually getting worse and not better.
@GregRedd, you don’t have our newcomer @Pynoxim on your list yet. I’ll check his time tonight and remind him to add you guys as friends incase he does not see this message.

EDIT: Please accept my apologies @GregRedd, I’m a idiot. Forgot he is not Pynoxim on XBox.


Hey guys! Thanks @GregRedd, enjoyed the circuit racing after the streets of Prague!
So much so, that I think we are going to Circuit de Catalunya, to race a pumped up Sierra!

“500 of Its Kind” is the Rivals Challenge for the next 2 weeks. Sierra RS500 in Spain!

Nice one @DieGrootHammer! @Flex hope we see you back soon dude!


I hope I’ve got that unlocked. Just finished circuit de catilina on f1 2017


Rivals challanges doesn’t require any unlocks AFAIK, so you should be good to go.


Ayyyy, I had tons of fun with that Rivals challenge, I’m super amped for the next one :smiley: