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This thing handles very well for a land-yacht. (My dad had a 3.0 V6 when I was a lightie)
I was also amazed at how well it stops with ABS off… I guess back in it’s day ABS was reserved for the toffs in their Benz S-Classes :smirk:


Are you really a true South African if there wasn’t a Ford 3.0l V6 in your family at some point?


That last sector is absolutely vital to the lap time. I was able to shave off a full second by just taking that last chicane is a decent manner. That lap time I posted now came out of nowhere and I’m very content with it for the time being. Last I checked it was faster than @kanlaaikto so that’s good!!


Definitely, like slow enough to enter the left hander and floor it out of the right hander!

Also I find “hammer”-ing (<-- lol) it in 3rd through the return esses, and keeping it in 3rd to the point of actually bouncing off the limiter just before braking at the end of the straight, rather than feathering in 4th was a bit quicker too… unfortunately I enabled your Ghost to find out why you were so much fast than me, and then I turned off ABS, lol. got it down to a flat 1:28.03-something… :innocent::innocent::innocent:


You bastad!!! Now I need to try and go faster. That 1:28.03 is an insane time. Well done.

And yes i totally agree, 3rd all the way from up the hill until you start breaking for the hairpin corner. Changing to 4th drops your speed and it affects breaking somewhat.


hehe :innocent:, enable my ghost and chase :see_no_evil:, jokes aside tho, your observation about slow (read precise apex’ing) entry and fast exit is basically the holy grail for this combo… and keeping the puff in the turbo by staying above 5000rpm.
That little bump coming back off the first corner is a bit of an over-steer inducing bugger tho :stuck_out_tongue:

[EDIT] Shot for the compliment too! Missed that by trying to be funny lol


Clever XBox/Forza guys… is there any way we can get Snow involved here? I realize without internet and Live he won’t be able to appear in the Friends Leaderboards or run ghosts, but if the Rivals Challenges are identical and he posts a pic of his best lap by the end of Challenge weeks, would that work? If someone posts a pic of the current times each week - maybe on the Fridays - to give him an idea of the times to aim for that would be good too.


Thanks for the help @GregRedd, makes me feel bad for gunning you in Mafia :wink:
I just want a benchmark so I will play unofficially.
I’ll just post a pic of my times with it zoomed out so you can see the tv and cabinet as thats consistent and sets the precident down the line so screenshots cant be downloaded.
No need to add me to the leader board as you probably wont be able to see if I did a clean lap or not


Good point, reminds me of back in the day we used to take pictures of our lap times with our Webcams (phones only just started getting cameras lol) on GT4 and we posted them to the PCFormat forums. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I guess if the track/car combos are unlocked in career it shouldn’t be a problem? coz I’m guessing the Rivals section requires XBL?


The time in rivals will have a little sign next to it if it’s dirty so don’t stress about that.

Otherwise screenshots of the time shouldn’t be an issue


awesome, the sierra wont cost much and also gets me to play more career mode to get cashish to but the cars


Well if your rivals section works without internet, you don’t need to buy the cars. You get provided the necessary cars.

You will also earn cash and exp for doing rivals events as well.


Did my first bit tonight. Managed to beat @Deadlypinecone’s initial time. I know that is no permanent time and I’ll get beaten soon. But I know where I need to improve. So hopefully I can pull it off. Damn, @kanlaaikto is #1 in Africa.


Eish, It’s still early in June, I was also amazed, but it is a “June Challenge” so, guaranteed the Hardcore Pros will be along shortly to destroy the time!!! :laughing::laughing:

[EDIT] Any luck getting the Car/Track combo @Snowbeast?


Looks like I can afford it, I’m still new in the game and irc Monza is unlocked. Didn’t get a chance last night. Took work home


With regards to controllers, what do you guys use? I use a Logitech G27.


Oh wow. You’re not playing around. How is the wheel with the game? I want a wheel so badly but finding a cheap one for Xbox is very difficult. Currently use the standard Xbox One controller, albiet the Scorpio edition controller.


Forza is really not made for Steering Wheels. Even all the pros use controllers


I’m using an xbone controller on pc


Yeah, it’s tough as heck using a wheel because wheel support is rubbish. I just use it because it has some nice throttle and brake control, but the steering is rubbish. But I do use an Xbone S controller as well when I feel like not setting my wheel up.