Forza 7- Race Club



If the throttle and brake control are your reasons then I would go back to controller and use it more. Be sensitive on the pedals of the controller, and you can have the same if not more control over braking and acceleration


Annecdotally, I was playing Forza and my batteries got to the point where the trigger rumble was turned off. You know how difficult it was to drive without that force feedback?! It was almost impossible to break without ABS with that feedback missing. The controller does give very fine control.

But I still would love to try with a proper wheel one day.


Hahahaha! That sucks! And with stuff like going over rumble strips, and starting to over steer. The force feedback helps so much.


XBox One controller over here.


Evunmee I use the xd00s controller.
I DO have a G29 on a G-Force Sim seat for the PlayStation tho. It was hard to come back to Forza/Controller when I started here lol. But once the decades of muscle memory gets repressed, the Wheel is unbelievably faster. DualShock4 vs G29 atleast. The control is epic.

My batteries died once on that Porsche challenge… I thought I’d gone full retard until I figured out what was wrong :rofl::rofl::rofl:


FYI @Snowbeast
Only a handful of times posted for the current challenge so far:

@kanlaaikto’s time is still Africa’s P1! :open_mouth:


Catalunya is not on my list of tracks, not sure if I have to download it or achieve it.
Rivals is grayed out and says “coming soon”.
Might be worth dropping my xbox off at a friends house to do all the updates.


My Face When I realize that I’m 4 seconds behind P5 and 10 seconds behind P1 and in a fookin’ Ford, and have no idea what brand of go-faster voodoo magic you’re all using:


Bah, forgot to do another run over the weekend. Wanted to set a better time.


There is no way I’ll be able to better my time. I’ve not been able to get within a second of my fastest lap, nevermind trying to challenge the lead.


Sorry dudes, this completely slipped my mind. Can’t even work out if the running challenge ended on Sunday, or if we still running for this week??

If we are done with this one, someone please snap and post the times up here for me. I’ll try get to updating the Results Sheet ASAP. If we’re extending this one, I’ll hopefully be able to run some laps later in the week.


It seems many forgot or were not able to?! Run it till this coming Sunday?


Yes let’s run it until this Sunday. Not a lot of times, and it gives a couple of people, including you, some time to set times.


I’m down for that. Gives me also time to better my time :smiley:


Agreed! TBH I don’t know where the last 2 weeks have gone to :expressionless:
but holy cow, how is my time still standing? (well I looked on Sunday) perhaps the super fast guys don’t bother with peasantry devices such as the Ford lol.


Its such weird car. Stops so quick without ABS and I’m so bad at this no ABS business I can’t get a competitive time


LOL. Time to re-watch that episode of Top Gear where Sir Jackie Stewart shows the Captain how to drive quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

Its tough to learn how to feather the controls with an xbox controller. But worth it!


I shall have to do that.

I hear its tough to learn though. Much like planes in BF1 :smirk:


ja ja :rofl::rofl:


Results from Round 6 are in! Just the 6 times on my list, but as always, let me know if I’m missing anything.

I managed to improve my provisional time a little, but still… over 6.5s behind KLT! Sad.

And the Championship Standings after the latest round.


@DieGrootHammer further cements his place in P1, but @kanlaaikto moves up from P4 to P2 and looks to challenge for the top step soon. @Deadlypinecone now also poised to push onto the podium.