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Hey Greg, I’m sure it’s been said, but thanks for doing the admin on this! It’s defo something to look forward to on a Monday :grin::yum:

Who’s next on the challenge selection?? :grin:


Wow I’m really surprised to see myself at the top. I’ve always been either second or third, but it seems consistency has helped me.

Also, how about @Pynoxim pick the new rivals challenge for the next two weeks?


Hey guys, sure, I’m going to need to ask Dragonic for some assistance as I’m just in the process of upgrading my desktop so I don’t have access to Forza for the next few days


I’ll check tonight then, perhaps I’ll do it in tandum and send him a few examples then he can still technically choose :stuck_out_tongue:


Keen. Looking forward to a new challenge


Looking forward to what you pick!!


Oh lol, I’m gonna suck at this one. Maple Valley Spec Challenge it is! Time to fail in the 1969 Chevy Nova.


Really Rubbish Racing gave the Maple Valley corners some amusing names:

I think that last corner name is very apt!


Urgh, Maple Valley is not my strong suit at all. And now with an old ship of a car, this is definitely going to be a challenge!!


It’s like the Porsche GT2 challenge all over again XD lots and lots of rage. I know I will, I just suck with Muscle cars in general.


Thanks @Dragonic !!
Yus, corner of death is legit.
…also… That blue thing must crawl in a hole and die. Not often you get door slided by the AI. and it’s happened 4 times with that one already!!!

Ahhh crap, I’m such a n00b.
I did the wrong challenge. Right let’s try again :rofl::rofl:


Nope. I hate that car. What an absolute nightmare. Understeer and oversteer and it rolls and it is just such a handful to try and drive. The track makes it extra difficult as well. I’ll give it a go on another night.


haha, and to think I had the audacity to call the Sierra a “Land Yacht”.
I’m turning into the corner about 200m out and still missing the apex! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Jip that sounds about right. And that first hairpin I feel like I have to slow down to a crawl just to go around. And that next two “fast” corners are just horrible in the Chevy.


Use the handbrake more and drop the eurobeats


Forgive me for I know not what I have done xD


So, Round 7 ended 3 days ago and no-one noticed :face_with_raised_eyebrow: In fact, the only reason I’m here now is because I just posted in the FH4 thread and that sparked a reminder. I’m getting the feeling that this Challenge has run it’s course. Fewer and fewer drivers, very limited interaction here, etc. I’m happy to keep the resutls sheets going and hopping into a challenge if others want to keep things running, but I think I’m going to try use the little time I have to spend with FM7 to get through a little more of the Driver’s Cup career thing.

That said, here’s the results from Round 7:

And the Championship Standings after the Round.

Maybe we can do something with FH4 once it’s been out for a bit - I see something about a shareable Route Creator that may be interesting:

Route Creator:

  • Design your own custom races anywhere in the world and share them with the community.
  • Seasons can be chosen.
  • Point-to-Point & Circuit Races confirmed.


Agreed Greg,
I popped past on Monday and didn’t see movement. I vaguely recall Turn2 mentioning they have given up and will be releasing open Rivals akin to FM6. But that was good few months ago, and nothing yet :sleepy:

My guess is we’ve just run out of really nice Challenges?

Perhaps we should try manage non-homologated time trials? But the Rivals section made it so easy :frowning:


I just straight up forgot about it.

Too bad there isnt a Nordschleife rivals event


I would fully go for a “xxx” class car limit on Le’Ring. bring what you can as long as it is within the limit sort of thing!