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Yeah same here. I always remember when we set the challenge, then I’ll set a quick time. Then if there are no chats in here then I forget to better my time haha. And @Pynoxim also only recently got his PC back up and running.


Forza Racers!!!

Forza Motorsport 7 will be getting a major update tomorrow 8 August. With this update they will be bringing a few changes to how times are set during hot laps, Rivals and adding a few nice features.

Firstly they have reviewed and changed all the track limits. Also there will be a feature to see where the track limits are, presented by a blue or yellow or red line on track.

Secondly they are bringing back Time Attack. This new mode will let you set a time on any track during any weather setting with any car you want!! This is like the old way we used to setup the Forza challenges.

These changes will however mean that all Rival leaderboards will be deleted and set to start from scratch. So in essence, all our times we’ve set during the challenges will be gone FOREVER!!

Perhaps now is a good time to think about restarting the challenges if people are interested in it again. Seeing as we can now set the challenges however we see fit, they may be much more interesting and engaging.

Source and list of all the changes - Forza website


This is most excellent news! Count me in, I definitely agree that there’s plenty of scope to use Time Attacks for some interesting Forza Challenges.


Perfect timing. Visiting my boet this weekend. Told me to bring the xbone as he has uncapped.


Lekke, lets get this going again :smiley:


@Flex @kanlaaikto @Pynoxim @Deadlypinecone

You guys in? Should we get this starting again for a few rounds?


Absolutely. I’m keen.

We need a Nordschleife challenge for sure


Much Excite. Such Epic. Most Wow. Insert Doggo Meme

Count me in guys! it seems the rumours were true! Took them long enough…


I played a bit yesterday, and many tracks don’t have any time set in the Africa region, so we might even be competing for the fastest time in Africa as well.


I’m at work today. coz #slave.
BUT, I’m very keen to have a look around this evening.

Perhaps we should keep @GregRedd 's spreadsheet as “Round 1” and create a “Round 2” for the new challenges?

[EDIT]I guess this means we can do a lap of the Nordschleife!?!?!? exciting![/EDIT]


I am out for now bud! Sold the console to get my PC up and running again.
Will however look to start racing games again soon


Play it on pc then


That’s an easy fix :smiley:


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