Game Bundles



The ones I’m missing and want are the Batman games and Mad Max. Definitely a good bundle though!


Well, I’m kinda torn between pausing the new Humble Monthly or letting it continue. The early unlocks are both absolutely brilliant games… But I already own both! I don’t want to risk paying for unlocking them, only to receive junk (like the rest of October’s unlocks) at the end of November.


I’m actually keen on subscribing. But I’m torn between WB bundle and the monthly bundle. I only want the Batman games though, I own everything else.

I suppose the monthly bundle it is! Early Christmas gift to myself :santa:


I agree, the October games were a huge disappointment.


I ended up pausing for a month. I don’t see the point in subbing for games I already own, only to be disappointed by the rest of the unlocks. Besides, if there’s maybe 1 or 2 games in the rest of the bundle I really want, I can grab them in a Steam or other sale at some point. I currently only have time for one game and that game is Destiny 2. My hour of gaming each evening (and a couple more over weekends) is exclusively dedicated to it.



Fantastic bundle! I’d have grabbed it if I didn’t own 3 of the games already.


Hmmmmm. Very tempting. Of those 4, I only own Bastion. Thing is, I’m not sure I’ll ever play any of the other games…


New 2 week Kingslayer Bundle on Fanatical is pretty sweet
Styx, Oxenfree, 3 Star Wars classics, Shadowrun and more, all for about R72!


Styx: Shards of Darkness alone costs R500, Oxenfree is R220, the 3 Star Wars games are R290, Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition is R220. The other games in the bundle are SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (R220), Metal Slug X (R87), The King Of Fighters XIII (R220), and The Age of Decadence (R130). In total, you’re getting over R1800 worth of Steam games here.


The $4.99 Kingslayer Bundle should be available on Fanatical for the next 14 days.


Very nice! I already own a good number of the games but it’s worth it for Styx and the other few that I don’t.


This is an amazing bundle, thank you for sharing Mr Bundle-man!


Technically not a Game Bundle deal, but a Software Bundle. This may be of interest to the budding video editors, YouTubers, streamers who want to up the quality of their gameplay recordings, and video content creators in general. Basically anyone who wants a little more out of their video editing software than what Movie Maker can give them.

Humble Vegas Pro Software Bundle


It’s a 3-tier bundle:

Tier 1 @ $1.00

  • Fastcut Plus Edition
  • Voucher Code for Producer Planet

Tier 2 @ More Than Average ($22.28 at the moment)

  • Tier 1 products +
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12
  • VEGAS Movie Studio 15

Tier 3 @ $25.00

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 products +
  • VEGAS Pro 15 Edit
  • VEGAS DVD Architect
  • HitFilm Movie Essentials

$1.00 gets you MAGIX Fastcut, which may be more than enough for most casual users.

The Tier 2 average gets you VEGAS Movie Studio 15, but if you’re considering that option, you may as well toss in the additional $2.72 to upgrade to Tier 3 and snag the full Pro version of VEGAS and the Hollywood Blockbuster special effects pack too.

Your end results mileage may vary of course, but seeing as there have been a number of recent examples of creative videos by MEW members (@Sweepslag’s Star Citizen videos, @Entity’s Drive Club promo, and not forgetting @SigStart’s Joburg Meatup video) I reckon there might well be some use for these tools. (Of course, no software in the world is going to be able to solve that finger over the mic issue for you Jan, sorry! :laughing: )

The Humble Vegas Pro Software Bundle should be available for the next 2 weeks or so,


Thanks for the heads-up. I’m using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve to edit at the moment, but I’ll definitely take a look. The HitFilm Essentials pack might be worthwhile… I’ll see how it compares to what I get with the Fusion suite that comes with Resolve.


disgusting… I expected better from jou Jan…


Don’t be so mainstream, man.

From your disdain you use Adobe’s stuff, I assume?

Regardless, Resolve is a great bit of software and free. Perfect for those of us who don’t work in the industry, but might want to see where this YouTube thing leads.


LOL! Yes I do indeed operate the Adobe platform. I tried Da Vinci once… ONCE


If you’ve already paid for the Adobe suite, there’s no reason not to use it.

DaVinci has come far, though… I’ve used several versions: older than 12, 12.5 and now the most recent 15.x version. There are still some issues with it, and it doesn’t have some of the standard effects that I understand are part of the basic After Effects library.

But for a free tool, and even compared to iMovie, it’s pretty damn rad. It has a colour-correction thing built in, it has an audio editor built in (which looks like it’s going to be important in my workflow), and with 15.x they’ve integrated Fusion — their version of After Effects.


Ja from what I’ve heard the way it works and cross links it’s software it is more and more starting to work like Adobe. But I have one major issue with it: Its lack of file support and how it handles the ones it does. Specifically with regards to the file sizes it generates


Wow, thanks for letting us know about this. I have just gone to go buy it.

I used premiere pro and after effects for about 2 years previously for work, but it’s too expensive for personal use for me.
Used resolve for a couple of months but it didn’t gel with me. I don’t know what it was.
I have always loved Vegas and have been using an old cheapo hand-me-down version so I was super excited for this. After everything it cost me R374 compared to the thousands just for Vegas pro.

So yeah, thanks a lot again for sharing.


Yeah I totally get that. Think it’s because once you are used to Pr and AE then Da Vinci just seems too… foreign. Luckily with my line of work I get to have the entire Adobe package for free