Game franchises that deserve resurrection


Video Game IP's are big business and they tend to become loved by the gaming communities, associated with particular consoles over time and when the original developers sometimes move on from the initial title publishers, they sometimes end up creating spiritual successors that ends up become just as big or even bigger than the original IP that inspired it a good example of that would be Bioshock.

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I loved Croc back in the day


I sense @DohcWP has a bit of love for Monolith.


Who wouldn’t, seeing as they created the best FPS of the day - Blood?


Monolith are great. Jace Hall is the man, although I don’t think he is still with them? Not sure.


NOLF and Croc for the win!!! Yes please, I would love either of those franchises to come back. It is a crying shame that NOLF got lost in the history of gaming, and that the license is in limbo at the moment.