Heeeeeeeeelp with Fiber


There’s a nifty speed test thing around here somewhere. Go test yours and make a boast post. :slight_smile:


So just out of interest I tested the Netgear modem on my Vumatel Fibre line now and it works perfectly. So not the router being incompatible…

OH well, it works so happiness is :smiley:


Like that? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Nice. You guys must be happy. Enjoy all that delicious uncapped high speed data!


Has anyone ever heard of Boleng Solutions? I’ve been looking everywhere forever for coverage in our area, and yesterday I came across Home-Connect and apparently they have coverage through Boleng Solutions in our area. I signed up almost instantly when I saw that.

This wireless internet I’m currently on is starting to become very unstable and it doesn’t look like they can fix it, so I hope this fibre thing will work out.


I will ask around for you :smiley: