Image of the day


You got lucky dude!


I know! And the weird thing is she is not a geek at all!!!


Hehehe well you got lucky! And she sounds like a good one! Look after them !


Happy International Yoga Day ! :grin:


God Bless Yoga pant!


Look at it with both eyes, and then close one eye.

Seems almost to be 3D with both eyes open


Until I put it on and then people run and hide :stuck_out_tongue:






Clearing my camera’s SD card in preparation for a long weekend trip with the family to the Kruger and came across this one from our last trip there. Notice the bits missing from his ear - this guy has seen some shit…!



Stunning photo! Please share more of these!


If you insist… :grinning:

Just one right now, cos sketchy internet… Found this morning. Check the top centre of the pic for the reason he is sleeping so soundly.



Snow at Theewaterskloof this morning


Back from the family trip to the Lion Sands. Incredibly spoiled, and fantastic sightings on every game drive we took. Here’s a handful of pics, but don’t want to swamp the thread so have made my Flickr album public if you want to see more:


Stunning shots dude - I would advise you to watermark your photos - they are good enough that people will steal it


@GregRedd - may I pretty please use a couple as wallpapers? They are seriously stunning


With pleasure! Glad you like them :slight_smile:


Dude, you have talent with the camera - ask @DieGrootHammer its not as easy as it looks.

The wildlife and nature especially


Also I can’t seem to download them from the site.