Let the core wars begin

32 cores, 64 threads. Same socket. Coming in Q3 of this year.


I’ll do it…

But can it run Crysis?

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Will likely require a patch to fix performance issues after release


So not aimed at gaming. Imagine if games split up it between cores less load times!


It’s a terrible conundrum dealing with multiple threads and you require additional overhead to manage the threads and sometimes the benefits outweigh the extra overhead. Games are completely different to conventional applications requiring synchronization with all threads much more than other applications and within the system itself CPU and GPU wise. Within CPU architectures games benefit from clock speeds, but between them you can’t do a direct comparison.

Going slightly off topic, but the biggest issues you have with multi threaded programming is deadlocks (two competing processes waiting for each other to finish), resource starvation (process unable to allocate all resources required to complete), race conditions (when processes that must occur in a particular order occur out of order due to multiple threading) and livelocks (when two threads are dependent on each other signals and are both threads respond to each others signals)

All of these just add to the complexity of multi threaded software development

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I have found, however, that the few games in DX12 fully utilise all my CPU cores - admittedly I have only 4 on my humble i5

Generally you’ll find little to no benefit going past 4 cores, it’s likely due to complexity.

but i think the software in games are starting to change I will not be surprised if in like 5 years the min core count one need for gaming is like 8. Directx12 is showing the complexities can be overcome and there is lot of the work to make it happen already done. Thanks AMD

Yeah, I believe that once we have decent OS level support for stupid amounts of processors we will start seeing better support on production software and ultimately at some point game developers will start catching up. Keep in mind that developers tend to develop for a general average system; I believe currently the average number of logical cores for a gaming PC is 4; As is the general average for RAM is around 8GB, etc etc etc

In fact, I would say that the average gaming PC would have :
4th Generation Intel Core i5 processor (likely a 4590)
a GTX 960 or GTX1060
a full HD display
a 1TB hdd
likely be running Windows 10 / Windows 7

Same as Ryzen, hyped up so much!

big think

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