Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


Its been a while since I was first to post here, good job to you guys :slight_smile:

Distraint Deluxe is free on steam here for limited time :slight_smile:


Not PC related freebies, or entirely sure how long they’ll be available, but XBox gamers can get free copies of PUBG and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 from the MS Store right now. Info and links to the SA Store here: The Official Xbox One Thread


For a limited time, get a free copy of Sins of a Solar Empire when you subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter. Keys will expire on November 22nd at 10a.m. Pacific time, so act fast!


Grabbed it, thanks!

These days my free games backlog is growing.


Outcast: Second Contact is free on Humble! I adored the original back in the day. Next GameClub nominee?


If you go onto GOG they will add a game from your* wish list to your library.

(*not sure if its overall wishlist or your own)


They have been linking your Steam library with DRM free copies for a while. The rotation changes though I think.


yeah i know about that but this is not that.


Oh, I read your post properly… From your WISHLIST! Wow, that is cool. Better log on!


Never got that when I went onto GOG - and logged in


Apparently it’s only for Telltale games


I got saints row 2 is that telltale?


GTA Clone - I own it.


Guess its a gamble. I got nothing.


I dont use gog often enough so I dont have a wishlist there :smiley:


I would have used them more if they were actually cheaper, but I don’t think anything can beat Steam with their local pricing. Also it’s nice to have most of your games in one place.


That is the thing for me, I need my games in the same place. HAving to use 10 different programmes to play games drive me insane


I had Caesar IV in my wishlist but they didn’t give it to me.


Crackdown “buy” for Free on XBox Store for a limited time:


EDIT: removed link, its stupid

Ah, be warned. its one of those gleam ones where you have to sign up to all their groups and retweet and stuff. hope you guys have all your throwaway accounts setup like i do :smiley:

Apologies…its not free, its a chance at a giveaway…lame