Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


There’s a new source for limited time free games (and games in general)…

Discord have recently launched their own game store and game library services. Mad Machines is one of the first “First on Discord” games. And it’s free to keep this weekend.

The link will let you claim it via the website or mobile app, but you’ll need the full Discord Desktop app to launch and play the game (I think):


I see there’s also a lot of free games if you as a Nitro member. Kinda like Humbles Trove games


Also free


Company of Heroes 2


nice catch


Nice one! One of the best RTS games out there!


Seems like I already have it in my library, yet never played it. :man_shrugging:


Another “Free, for a limited time” offer on Steam:

Could be a possible option for a future MEWME game?

Each session features a group of up to six players, where every player is randomly assigned the role of civilian or monster, with a max. of two monsters.

Don’t know why the embed shows up like that - try following the link to the games store page instead.


The Epic Games store is now live, and you will get free games every two weeks, so go check it out.


Free for keeps or just the two weeks?


I’m not sure yet. My work laptop is crap and doesn’t want to open the launcher, so don’t know the details thereof.


The client does not state either, but I doubt its to keep :wink:



yea CS:GO went completely F2P last night in the latest update that brought a BR mode to it as well…its not being received TOO well currently, as everyone who had bought the game now was upgraded to Prime status (something you can now just buy or grind to), effectively removing the gap that existed between players and smurfs/hackers :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah wtf… bunch of BS


Well it’s not like the relatively low price ever stopped the hackers before anyway


it was more the distinction between prime, non prime. prime you had to be rank 21 (grind) as well as have a unique phone number associated with it.

thats now been removed, now its bought (same price as cs:go used to be) or grinded as before.
The effective change is that a hacker is now immediately prime for same money, or doesnt need a phone number to GET prime, making it easier to hack quickly in prime games…That is where ppl have an issue.


Ah, ya I can understand the issue with that.


Wow that is quite the line up there!

And I see Journey is now coming to PC, very keen to play that.

I think the free games are free to keep - much like Origin’s “On the house” promotions, it gives you a reason to download/keep the client on your PC and maybe start buying from their store. They are starting off strong with giving away Subnautica, pretty much the Indie game of the year.


Only get to keep the games for X amount of time