Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


where did you see that , I was looking around and couldn’t find any info ?


You will see at the top.

Subnautica Free from 12/14-12/27
Super Meat Boy Free from 12/28-01/10

Then they rotate every 2 weeks

That is if I understand it correctly


my understanding is they will be giving away a game every fortnight, so the free game rotates every 2 weeks but I don’t think you loose the ones you claimed already


That’s what I think too, you have roughly 2 weeks opportunity to add the game to your account. But once you have it you keep it.


Well we’ll find out soon enough.


Not the best of starts for the Epic Games Launcher, and a low score from me.

Screw you Epic Games Launcher! I have a system. And a mild dose of OCD. And now this:



Full Throttle Remastered free on GoG


Thanks! Been on my mental wishlist for ages…


Awesome! Also been wanting this one. I remember having it on my 486 (or was it my Pentium 100MHz?)

Didn’t Mark Hamill do the voice?


I played it on my 486 SX-25 with 4MB RAM and 80MB HDD. When I upgraded to a blistering 16x CD-ROM and Sound Blaster 16 bit combo, I opened myself up to a whole new world of gaming. Full Throttle was one of the first ones. Good times…


What a great game! The first “mature” game I played… Leisure Suit Larry did not count


Free for a Limited Time on Humble:

LEGO: The Hobbit



beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:


…and me.


Get Subnautica free on the Epic Games Store!


I tried earlier, but it still said “Coming soon”.


Worked for me.

So it seems like it is permanently in our accounts now.


Even though I’m sure everyone owns this by now.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


Anno 1602 on Uplay


Thanks. Will be interesting to try one of the older Anno games.