Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


good game, was fun for a few hours


Minininjas is free over at the Square Enix website. Use the promo code “MINININJAS” upon checkout. Key is redeemable on Steam and it’s valid until 2018/05/15.


I cant seem to find the product code - I did all they said I did


I can’t seem to find the damn activation key once I have purchased it


I found that (possibly because i didnt create an account but checkout as guest) that I couldn’t redeem the voucher no matter what I tried. I THINK it was coz they were out of keys at that point, it was a few weeks ago, i’ve seen this pop up a few times as “restocked”.

Seems like other people are also having issues with this.

Sorry guys, can’t confirm this one works as mine doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


I gots an account. Pheesing for info filled in?


I understand almost all of the words you are using, but not together as a sentence…




Worked all of the sudden. Probably just slow site and needed some time


Memories of a Vagabond


Link seems to just go straight to profile for some reason


Thanks, updated it.

Don’t know how I managed to mess that one up :expressionless:


thats probably because the link is to a is link


<3 thought the GA expired perhaps




haha damn forgot phone at home so can’t sign in with steam =D


Who forgets their phone at home in this day and age?

This is the second time they’ve added keys, so maybe you’ll be able to still get in on it.


I know! I would not be able to survive on my own. I am utterly useless


Naw that aint to bad - I have a friend who does this at least once every 2 weeks