Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


It seems quite interesting and I’m a sucker for good narration in games.


Red Risk is free right here :slight_smile:


here is something a bit different for you phone gamers, which i’m not really one off but hey


Dammit thanks - this is just what I dont need right now. I have installed and hidden the icon so I can study


shows a pricetag for me. :frowning:


Same. Probably for the best…


I wanted to post this myself, but never got time, or just plain forgot.

It’s a cute little perspective-based platformer.


It’s a pretty cool game - it certainly gets creative with using perspective.


interesting, I wonder why


probably coz im logged into my google account and something makes me think that link is free for US based people maybe? Mine shows amount in Rands


I got it for free in rands

might have had a time limit


I checked around and there were some articles saying “free for a limited time” and that was posted over a week ago


Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate (free for a limited time)


4 games free for the weekend:

Fallout 4
Rainbow Six Siege
Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition
Free Redbox game rental



All guns on deck is free here


A bit late to the party, but there is still time.
This one for the VR owners, Skyworld is also having a free world.


Unreal Gold (Free for a limited time)


Also free on Steam until “10am PT/1pm ET on May 24th”:


Yup, claimed both Steam and GOG yesterday.


Oh, I only knew of the Steam one. I didnt check link that @WillySA gave, I assumed it was the steam link. thanks for sharing!