Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


Pretty sure most own it already - only @Snowbeast shows as wanting it on my Friends list - but in case there’s others…

Free until tomorrow evening:


Just grabbed it thanks bud


Insurgency free to keep forever via Steam for next 48 hours.


Now no one has an excuse not to have Insurgency! It’s a fun game


After watching JackFrags Insurgency 2 video earlier today, this was going for R109,00 - now it’s free.


Orwell (free for a limited time)



Thank you.


For Honor Starter Edition


Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is currently free on Humble at the moment.

I remember having fun playing the demo for it years ago and have always wanted to play the full game.


I enjoyed it, it’s like a mix between GoW and GoW. :rofl:

Gears of War and God of War


Not quite what this thread is for, but if you already own A Hat in Time you can get the first DLC, Seal the Deal free for a limited time.


The Tiny Bang Story

Free until Tuesday


Thanks dude, I absolutely love this game

@Metalsoup - I am looking for more games like this - any ideas?


Take a look at the games from Amanita Design. They are pretty good.


Baie dankie meneer!


kyk ook na die Rusty Lake se Cube series games. het meeste van hulle op Android gespeel maar sien hulle deesdae op Steam ook. Absolutely weird puzzle solvers


Vote on which game GoG will give away on 4 October.

Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot, or Firewatch



Since I already have Superhot and Firewatch I cast my vote for Shadow Warrior 2. All great games!


Shadow Warrior 2!

yoh haibo, first one was amazing so…