Mew Capies Burger Night



Thats one forfeit Jagermeister next meet @BeoTeK


Don’t make me leave the group again!


Ag you know I luffs you - the beard is epic hence the mention


Royale Eatery is awesome…we try eat there every time we in CT :frowning:


You guys look like you are about to sing something off your hymn cards

Admittedly you all look different and younger than I imagined


Us Gauteng guys can do the same at Burger Bistro perhaps?


Where is burger bistro :rofl: never heard of it
. Im up for it though, trying to make real world friends :grin:


In Pretoria, Hazelwood. A very cool new area. Park car in the street and walk down the streets between all these cool restaurants. Don’t see there here at all. Everything is always in a shopping center these days


Thats almost an hour from where i stay :rofl: will the petrol be worth it?


There is one in Kempton as well


Knew there were a few, but didn’t of of one in JHB. Thats cool.
Can be a different place as well. Just that and Rocco Mommas that comes to mind when I hear burger


Oh there are so many awesome burger places in Jhb.

Hudsons - Parkhurts
Dukes Burgers Greenside (Although they are quite pricey but the burgers are monsters)
BGR - Rosebank
Jerry’s Burger Bar - Illovo
Brooklyn Brothers - Roodekruin


Someone eats too many burgers… O_o


burgers are the ultimate meal

they contain everything you need to get through a day:
and of course sugar :rofl:


I do however not trust round foods


thats your problem then, there are places that serve square burgers, but those arent that great


aka a sandwich ? O_o


Ja if you want to call it that, thats fine (burger king calls their burgers sandwhiches)


Once the buns(top/bottom) no long connect/joint then it is a sandwich.
Same with a hot dog as well


Are you trying to convince yourself?