Mew Capies Burger Night



You don’t trust cookies or doughnuts?


Hahaha well it does contain all the food groups so why not


Indeed. Against my religion to eat food of the circle decent. I have deviated a bit and tried a few things. Ate a smarty a few weeks ago but will not try it again.


Hudsons seems cool


they are, the food is great and priced quite decently for the area (the other restaurants in the area are quite overpriced)


Haven’t tried most so up for anything


If us Gautengers are going to get together then we’ll probably have to do it in Midrand or something because of the Pretorians. Or if @Flex doesn’t come then we can maybe make it in Fourways since there’s a couple of Centurions.


Wow… Did I just get uninvited from my own initiative?


its one of me the hubby’s favourite things to do… looking for great burger places.

i think we should organise something for the Jhb people then and do it kinda central for most?


well you dislike of round things for one


That’s what you get for living so far away from everyone else.

Actually @wenzdayz, @DarthMol and I are all close together. Everyone can come here. :stuck_out_tongue:


ja even Jan isnt too far away from us… and @DieGrootHammer and @czc seems to like to drive so :wink:


You should start you own thread, then no one can steal it away from you.

I don’t ever remember saying that. :frowning:


i was going on a general assumption since you are always traveling…


Wrong thread


you can have chips…


Did you capies take a group photo? If not, why not?




Sorry, Friday frot brain.

That place looks way too fancy for a burger joint


Glass vase with white little pretty flowers in. Then to just eat a burger! What anarchy is this?