MEW DIY Thread

In the vein of the Most Epic Home Improvement thread, I figured we need a safe space for our DIY efforts.

Safe space, because a lot of what I do myself looks shit. :smiley:

I’ll start us off with my current projects in progress!

Project 1) My study used to be (and still, to some extent) the junk room, where we heaped up everything we couldn’t find a space for when we moved in. We were unlucky enough to move into our house the day before my wife started working at the new job, so we never had a chance to properly unpack some things, and those just stayed there.

Recently, though, I’ve been filling up storage boxes, and moving these things out to the garage. My wife actually needs to go through them and throw things out, but that’s a whole other project. In the meantime, I’ve got an open wall, two and a half guitars, an amp, and a bunch of miscellaneous things that need a spot of its own. That’s why I’ve designed a bookcase/guitarwall thing:

This weekend I’ll be cutting the square tubing to length to send for powder coating, then hopefully I’ll whack all the steel together in Feb.
I’ll order the wood cut to size from a local kitchen builder, as I don’t have a table saw, but then they can finish the edges for me for a neater look. Final step will be to order the guitar hangers and mount them.

Project 2) Did you notice how I said I have 2.5 guitars? Project two is why…

The 5th wedding anniversary theme is wood, so my wife got me a guitar kit:

The photo doesn’t do the colour, peppermint green, justice:

I have also cut the headstock, and mounted the neck and most of the hardware, but I don’t have a photo of that handy. My big snag came when I had to order pickup wire from Raru, and they source it from the US. I ordered early in the lockdown, and it took sooooooo long to get here that I lost all momentum… but I’m determined to finish this up soon, because over the weekend I found my next potential project!

(Potential) Project 3)


I’d love to hydro dip my kit guitar, to get an electric blue/green type look on it! Does anyone have some experience with hydro dipping? I’m going to start on things like my old Xbox 360 controller and my cellphone cover, but with the goal of eventually dipping my guitar.

What are your DIY projects? Show and tell, folks!


I’ve painted a guitar before, but never done a hydro dip.

Best of luck, looking forward to seeing the results of whatever you dip :slight_smile:


I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, it’s just really time consuming. I could not get the same level of gloss as my purchased guitars, though. I don’t know if I just need to triple up on the lacquer layer, or if its something else I’m missing, but I don’t mind the less glossy look. It feels more organic with less gloss.


Possibly slightly offtopic/thread but I’m still very tentatively wanting to sticker bomb my bass guitar (currently gloss black). I told myself I was waiting for the cyberpunk sticker collection to have enough (have band stickers, rick and morty stickers and other miscellaneous stickers so def have enough for the front, which is really all i want), but I never got around to doing it in the holidays…I’m just so worried I fuck it up and it looks lame.

This was my inspiration (yes I’ve been wanting to stickerize my guitar since high school 2002)


That’s an awesome idea. And rest assured, if you’re not happy with it, it’s not that hard to respray the body!

Where do you get your stickers?

Christmas and birthdays mostly, if i’m honest. Got some of the band ones in UK like 15 years ago. my lady got wind that its something i wanna do so would throw 3-5 stickers with every christmas/birthday present over the years and they just starting to pile up :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Apologies, I know its not the answer you were looking for…have asked the lady where she got them…its like she got them from someplace like, she’s big on getting stuff delivered :stuck_out_tongue:

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You might need to wet sand with 2000 or 3000 grit paper. Maybe. Worth looking into.


IIRC correctly, I wet sand with 1200 grit between each coat from primer up. I did put 2 coats on.

@Mottamort: No worries, was more curious than anything else, and it’s given me some inspiration for wall art!


my lady said she got alot of those stickers from wish (before covid obviously)


Oooh, that’s a good plan, thanks! One thing Wish will be able to reliably supply!

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Might need a different top coat…