MEW Multiplayer evenings



Yeah same here, wasn’t it me and you who tried it that one time and it simply didn’t want to work. I am up for trying it again


I’ve been farming and selling cards for the upcoming sale, so I think I’ll grab this now!

edit: I see there’s a 4 pack for R18… hmmm anyone want to make a deal?


Giveaway of Hero Siege


What kind of deal we talking about I might want it.


I’ve still got 2 keys left (I bought the 4 pack).

Edit: I’m looking for a certain couple of cheapies on steam, I can wait until the sale


Dude i would seriously give you a beer for being awesome with that game


I don’t like beer… Would a vodka be an option? :slight_smile:


Vodka would be the prefered option, I always have some in the freezer


It was always a mission with port forwarding having to be done by the person hosting the MP session, otherwise you can’t see it.
I always struggle to set up port forwarding for some reason.


Ah yes that was it, i was able to do it but it lagged very badly.


Apparently it was FPS lag and not normal lag.

1.) Go to your steam library and click on Hero Siege. 2.) Right click > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files. 3.) Click on the bin folder and find the Hero_Siege.exe icon. 4.) Right click Hero_Siege.exe and go to Run With Graphics Processor. 5.) Click on the High Performance video card to run the game.


I don’t see those options.


It was an OLD fix, I was hopeful :frowning:
Ok I will be online from 8:15 ish tonight if anyone wants to play anything


Meh so in hero siege so far, we tried it without the port forwarding, I could connect to my brothers game, lasted 5 mins and then get kicked out - not 100% sure why - the error code stated something to do with buffering - we where on Nima’s Fiber connection



For too long have we gone without a MEWME!! And I am here to say, IT’S BACK!!!

So, let the suggestions roll in. Which game will we be playing next week as the first MEWME in a while?



I was waiting to see if we can let the thread sleep for a month, but alas. Glad it’s back!

No suggestions at the moment though


Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I just have no idea what to play but pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


My suggestions for games for next week are:

Borderlands 2
Gang Beasts
Civilization 5/6
Space Engineers
Unreal Tournament 2004


Borderlands 2

is the two I can do


I can do Terraria
Borderlands 2 you need more than 4 hours to really start having fun with a group of people.
Same with civ5/6 me and a friend played after 6 hours we where nowhere near anything significant.

My Suggestions are

Stick Fight the game
Duck game.