MEW Multiplayer evenings



Hold thumbs my internet behaves - we had weird connection issues yesterday


So its it only going to be us 3 for 7pm?


Im on discord :relaxed:


I’m going to be a few minutes late, but I’ll be there.


Im having dinner now so will be there by8


Will be on after 20:00 hopefully.


My view today.



I only got home around 9pm last night, and our internet was still off (and was so most the day yesterday)

At least the got everything running the way it was 3 months ago! Took them long enough.


Oh and thanks guys it was fun.


Glad you guys had fun. Got home early from my graduation ceremony and saw 4 of you playing, but was too tired to join


Yea thanks guys it was great - I have to admit I missed this - the belly laughs that we get from gaming like this just to cause kak is the highlight of my week


Was super fun- i won the important games :laughing:


I vote for the next game we play this.


I second that vote


When is this happening?


I think the next one should be either tomorrow or Friday evening, depending on which date more people can join


We should try playing some Jackbox sometime - the more recent packs have been geared towards playing it online with the host streaming it. I could host and it’s very easy for people to join, you just browse to the site and put in the room code to join in the game. I’ll have to setup streaming from my side but once that’s sorted we could give it a go. The game is hilariously fun.


Yeah I once plade a game or two of Quiplash with randos from the internet on PS. It was hilarious


I am in for this!