MEW Multiplayer evenings



I have Jackbox on Steam. We can do a test run later tonight? Who’s in? Let’s start from 8 tonight.


I’m assuming the web based one is free? I don’t think I have any of the games…


I will try to get there by then

YOu dont need to have the games to play along - just a pc/tablet or phone

I also have most of the games :stuck_out_tongue:


This. The person hosting only has to have the game. Everyone else logs onto the jackbox website on their phone and puts in the room code to join


Thats quite cool.


So I’ve been looking into how best to do the streaming for the game since the 15-20 second delay you get on Twitch makes it impractical.

Apparently with it’s FTL protocol can get the latency down to roughly half a second so I will look into that. I probably won’t be able to do it all tonight but will try it out soon and see if we can get a game in sometime.


anyone joining?


I’m in

/10 char


Do you still have discord details


Have fun guys!


This is funny as hell.


TIL Sarah comes alphabetically before Cory


I missed out! We love playing Jackbox Party pack at any social event! I carry my laptop around to braais and parties just in case :wink:

Hook me up for the next game!


It sucks that my internet acted up last night. Seemed to be stemming from international traffic being extremely slow.

Wish I could play along longer, because that was extremely fun and so funny!!


You should be able to enable low latency for streaming under your twitch channel settings. Should cut down on that 20 sec delay by a lot.


At least we figured out how to stream the screen, that worked so well.

Also bombs are evil!

We definately have to play the games again - this was so much fun.


How did you do it?


We made a group phone call on discord and then I just clicked Share screen


Ah perfect, did it share your game audio as well?


yep it shares the game audio VERY loudly