MEW Multiplayer evenings



so we doing this again tonight then :stuck_out_tongue: Was really fun, and hilarious


I shall have to skip most likely


keen to play again


I’d be happy to try hosting a Jackbox session on my GrizzledGeek Mixer channel tonight for those who’d like?
Would love to see if the FTL latency thing is actually as good for this sort of game as Mixer claim. I’ve also been looking for a reason to test the Discord voice overlay thing so this could be a good opportunity for that too.

What are the preferred games y’all enjoy? What did you play last night? I probably need to reinstall a couple of the packs in Steam, but they’re small enough, so should have most of the games available to play.

I’ll try have it all set up and ready to go at around 8PM - we can maybe start with a round or two of GFibbage or Quiplash and then see where we land up from there.


the ones we played were: quiplash, fibbage, earwax, when we were down to only 4 people we played bombcorp, I know from seeing other streams that drawfull and… that “scary mansion party…” one is also quite good, forgot it’s name now.


So are we doing this tonight?


I only got home now from work and too tired to setup my pc tonight so I am out


Almost there…


Jackbox Party games now!

Voice chat in Game of the Hour channel.
Text chat (and game codes) in the #general channel.

Join in at on mobile, tablet, computer, console browser.

Streaming live here:

Code for first game of Fibbage code is ZBBR

Discord invite code if you still need it:


Looks interesting. I can join in 30 minutes.


And present and waiting to make some inappropriate jokes


Will join now now



Thanks all, that was good fun. Sorry for the dodgy sound at the start, and the dropped stream. We learn as we go. :grinning:

Good weekend y’all!


Thanks, was great fun.


Was indeed fun but I think next time not going for a 3 hour section :smiley:


What s next and when? I want to join in!


Games! Games! Games… we should choose a game now for the next one


Any suggestions?
I’d play Jackbox party games again.


Pick me for jack box as well - I want to play drawaweful with you lot