MEW Multiplayer evenings



Ya, jackbox was fun… Would certainly play again.


Jackbox, LFD2 if theres only like 8 people, genital jousting, speed runners, if only 4 people- stardew valley, dont starve together


Whelp, might not be able to participate… Our ISP kept insisting there wasn’t an issue for 2 months, then finally they resolved it. It lasted about a week and a half, and now…
— ping statistics —
225 packets transmitted, 174 received, 22% packet loss, time 225094ms

back to the same crap.


If there’s a round of speedrunners i’d be keen on playing.


I’d like to propose a standing arrangement that every Thursday evening is official MEWME evening. That way we all have at least one evening that we know we have available for a bit of multiplayer action.

Then, below is a poll for the game to be played this week. Each week we have a poll to decide on the game to play:

  • Jackbox Party Pack
  • Speedrunners
  • Stardew Valley
  • Left for Dead 2
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Genital Jousting

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Dead by daylight is free to play for the next 6 days on steam. Never played it myself but seems like it could be fun with friends.


Voted for Jackbox cos it was so good last week. But I just realized I do have Speedrunners as well, and have never played it (other than Idlemastering it for the cards :roll_eyes:) so am happy to try that too.


Yes Speedrunners is fast games and can be very fun. We played it a while ago and was loads of fun.


It makes me sick so if that wins I will rather sit out :smiley: But please dont stop on my account!


I probably won’t be able to make it this week so I won’t cast a vote but rather let everyone else decide.


Working tomorrow night, so won’t make it


I tried it the last time it was free weekend and the ping really messes you up.


You should be able to host as the killer and let your friends join on your lobby. I think if you just “play” you’re going to get that bad ping.


Aw man! Thursdays my XBOX buddies get together!


Ill prob join after 8/9


I will be there from 8


So are we settled on Jackbox games for tonight? Happy to host through a Mixer stream again, unless someone else wants to or wants to do the screen share thing earlier than 8PM - probably can only get on by then. The delay through Mixer last week seemed fine I think - pretty much everyone was laughing at the same time as I was. :grinning:

Want to try streaming direct from OBS instead of StreamlabsOBS which I think is a bit more resource demanding. Also want to drop the stream output to 30fps and 720p which I think should make it a little more stable for viewers.

Let me know if anyone else wants to host/screenshare and I’ll jump in as a player at around 8. Otherwise, I’ll try have the stream up on my end by then at:


Im here :stuck_out_tongue: lets see if we get more


I’ll be there in a bit, but my ISP is still sucking at times


Is it still happening? None in discord yet