MEW Multiplayer evenings



We Play Now?


Games were hilarious last. Apart from @Donisia comparing my daughter to a cat, it was fun!


See its fun to play along :stuck_out_tongue:
And your kidlet is cuter than cats!


Urgh pity I missed the session, but had to slog out some late hours of work.


I thought as much and didnt message you - you neeeeeeeeeeeed to relax dude


It was good, we played some workshop maps.


yea those workshop maps where actually better than the normal ones - I will get some more over the weekend


Is anyone up for some jackbox tonight skimp skimp for those who own it!


Im up for it


I’m already passing out (again) from exhaustion. But @ me on Discord if you do play something tonight.


If you see my cat it would be a compliment :rofl:


So hows everyones week looking? Do we need a poll?


Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Umm any day of the week, just not tuesday


I can do Wednesday only


I am up for Golf with Friends again. Those workshop maps are so much fun.
If Friday too difficult for most people?


Friday works for me, from 8:30ish - I work late on fridays


I have a few people coming in on Friday night, but I’ll jump in and out between people showing up if I can.


everyday, if im not on, please tag me


I might be able to join late on Friday, only after 21h00


I’m up any day, just tune me, and I am there.