MEW Multiplayer evenings



I’m interested but I have no idea what Jackbox is. From reading its like it is on steam but it’s on your phone/tablet but is on the web also? I’m confused. But maybe all will be revealed later


So, here’s how it works:

One person that owns the game hosts it and shares their screens with the rest of the people playing along. To join in the fun, all you need to a cell phone and visibility to the hosts screen. From your cellphone you connect to a private lobby using a unique code, where everyone is gathered. From there the game is played completely via cellphone, with the host only guiding the game. Think of it as a game show and your cellphone is the buzzer.


Ok cool. I’m assuming we’ll be on discord at the same time, just for taunting chatting


You can also join using your PC by going to, this is most effective when you have two screens.


willl be there


The fun is part of all the laughing on discord.


This is going to be fun. I’ll be able to join around 21h00, hopefully you’ll still be going strong by then


Should be still going strong by then.

Also need to find a better way of hosting or streaming a screen. @GregRedd hosted last time and was working like a charm via Mixer. Might do that this time again, or do the Discord screen sharing thing.


I should be able to make it as well


Sorry, been AFK for a bit. Very happy to host a Jackbox MEWME tomorrow evening. Picked up JBPP5 in the Steam sale and keen to try the new games. Will test a couple of set up things on the Mixer Channel today and hopefully we’ll get a decent connection for tomorrow.


Just a thought, but would it perhaps be possible to upload the VOD from mixer to the MEW youtube channel?


Was thinking of exactly that, and just threw a quick overlay strip thing together to make it look all professional and stuff :grinning:. Started a 30 min test stream to check the dropped frames if you wanna see:


I’ve actually verified the account and activated live streaming on the MEW YouTube channel.

If you’d like to ReStream to it, message me your Google account details and I’ll add you to the channel as a Duly Authorised Person™.

There’s also a MEW Twitch channel if you want to ReStream to both?


That would be the ideal solution, but the only problem with resteaming / multi-streaming (at least for me) for something like Jackbox games is that the restream gets too much of a delay on it. I tested with and a little while back specifically for this and it wasn’t very good. (It’s the reason I posted a poll in the MEW Streamers thread at the time.)

Maybe one of the other streamers has a better connection/solution? Pushing it live to YouTube would be nice. I’ve never streamed live to YT before, so honestly don’t know what sort of delay there would be.

My plan was to download the VOD and then store it online somewhere for someone (aka You) to download it, edit and publish to the YT channel. But if you’re happy for it to go out unedited and add me as an Authorized uploader I’ll do it with pleasure.


Or, or, or… (sorry, mind working overtime here :grinning:)

We could try streaming directly to the MEW Twitch channel? They’ve recently improved their stream delay times to a few seconds, and if we try stream using the Cool Ideas Twitch Relay Server we may be able to get a solid, low delay stream out.

I haven’t used Twitch for ages so not sure what the VOD situation is like, but do recall that there’s a way for Channel Owners to link authorized streamers to the channel through the permissions settings.

If think more folks are familiar with viewing streams on Twitch rather than Mixer, but personally I have good and bad days as a Twitch viewer.


Something else we could do is you could stream to your own Twitch channel, and the MEW channel just hosts it.

Do you use a password manager or something that I can share the Twitch password with you in a secure way?

Sending other questions in e-mail so our OPSEC isn’t total rubbish :stuck_out_tongue:


A MEW mixer/microsoft account could possibly be created, and stream using that, if other options don’t work out


Cool… everything is set for Twitch and YouTube. Let’s see how they perform. If they’re bad for Jackbox, I’ll look into creating a MEW account for Mixer.

I’m leaning towards the hosted stream idea… You stream to your personal channel, and then MEW hosts your channel. If it doesn’t introduce additional latency, of course.


Okay, so just did a test stream on Twitch with Kid Redd. Better quality than the Mixer stream, but the stream that she was watching on her ipad on the other side of the house was lagging badly - at least 30+ seconds behind me. Which, when you only have 20 seconds to answer a question, doesn’t really work sadly… The questions came up on her phone okay, but she was really confused by it all.

Anyone else want to try, or has any suggestions? Otherwise we can give the Mixer thing a try again, and if that bombs Wyv or Hammer can do the Discord Screen Sharing thing?


Right, tonight is the night. We start time is 19:00, but don’t leave if nobody has arrived yet. People may be late to the party, and that is perfectly fine.