MEW Multiplayer evenings



Will join soon, just letting the lightning subside


Sorry did not want to join had a really draining day at work.


Thanks for those that did join last night. We had a few fun rounds of golf and some good laughs.


I popped on the Discord just to say hi, albeit a bit late.


For those on Discord that heard me talk about my Microsoft account being accessed, yes this was a major security breach.


Jis ek is net bly jy het so vinnig gereageer!


Right everyone. the next MEWME event will be this upcoming Thursday, and the game of choice will be Left4Dead2!!!


I will unfortunately not be able to make it for Thursday, but please continue playing in my absence.


Friday or Saturday out?

I only see now I have LFD2 so I will join. If it is Thursday, I might only be able to join very late


Im not a LFD2 fan so I will skip this one


Any one mentioned Soldat to play?


I can join for left 4 dead


Did someone say Left 4 Dead?


Ah man. I don;t know if I’ll make this one either. Leaving tomorrow at 4:30 for Durban. Flying back on mango and there is always a delay. :tired_face:


Right, tonight is the night for another round of Most Epic Win Multiplayer Evening (MEWME). The game of choice will be Left 4 Dead 2 for tonight. People will be on Discord, so connect with them for private server details, and join in on the fun!!


I will most likely be there


heads up for future games: Jacbox Party Pack is free over on epic games till Feb 07



Tonight still happening? I realize I am a bit late, had to take a nap.


Nice playing with you @TechThief… And thanks for dropping in @SIGSTART


You too man, hope we have some more people for next time :smiley: