MEW Secret Santa 2018


It lets me choose specific ones?


Nice, sorry I didnt follow the link, last time it didnt let me choose so I ended up not ordering from them. But I did send them a message about it - glad they listen to customers


Oh there goes my money


first part of my vic… lucky persons gift has been ordered :slight_smile:


My victim’s gift has just arrived.


ive had to fb stalk mine, was productive, I see he/she also has a similar hobby


Im hoping to place my order tonight but it seems I will have to wait 10 days at least for delivery

So I would say mid to end nov to send out gifts!


I can’t believe how quickly mine arrived. Delivery from sites are crazy fast these days.

Won’t send it yet however. Will wait a bit. Otherwise my target will know it was me.


mine will never know, I mean who openly admits to also owning a stripper pole on the forum. The nipple tassles will just arrive randomly


you’d be surprised how many people own those :wink: :rofl:


I own and personally use all of the mentioned


Yeah but you look like a supermodel.


Want a dance? :wink:


Haha I think my wife will like one.


oh ja i forgot @Solitude likes TO WATCH stripteases GIVEN TO HIS WIFE! better make sure your all oiled up @Flex


Can organize something for Secret Santa. Got Christmas themed nipple tassels for those special occasions


Always carry some baby oil with me for emergencies




fuck. cant believe i missed that. that professor chaos funko has been on my amazon wishlist for years


Sorry. Will keep an eye out for other specials. Maybe Amazon do a Black Friday deal on them? Do you use a price tracker to monitor Amazon?